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Not Again...

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Nov. 16th, 2010 @ 10:30 pm
Been even less inclined to post here these days. Nothing seems to be going right and venting here just seems to make things worse, even though that's the only alternative to bottling it all in... which, again, isn't a healthy alternative. I've been depressed and distracted all throughout last week and it's been lingering this week, to the point where it's even affecting my concentration at work.

By comparison (and talking from experience), having issues with friends, disputes/fights and eventually losing them is a lot less daunting since in my case the weight is off my shoulders; I stop caring and go on about life as usual. When I start losing friends when I don't mean to via saying something wrong or some misunderstanding or whatever and I'm not even mad at them to begin with, it's a lot more painful. I don't want to lose these friends, but for some reason or another I've lost them anyway. I'd give anything just to work things out, because I'm still somewhat in the dark about how all of this even started and how it's escalated to this extreme. I feel guilty for the stress inflicted upon them as a result, and I want to make things right again.

But now it's been established that I can't properly express these desires without offending/pissing people off even more, so now I'm too hesitant to even initiate direct contact. Last thing I want to do is make things worse and be an even bigger pain in the ass. And that's what weighs heavily on my mind: the desire to right a wrong, but based on past experiences I'm convinced that I can't do this on my own. I thought giving some time and letting go for a week or so would help, but it still creeps up in my mind at least once a day. Given how eloquent I am in expressing this kind of thing, I'm probably not going to change the situation at all and probably make it worse even with this. Even though I really want to resolve this and make things normal again. I didn't want to lose these friends; I really didn't. I didn't want it to end like this and I don't want to give up, but I don't know where to begin. I started composing a letter, but then I paused after a couple of paragraphs after it hit me that even writing an appeal is probably going to make me come off as an asshole who shouldn't be forgiven.

All I know is, if it's depressing me this much and I don't even have hormones to blame for it (those can be accredited to the last post I made), then this didn't turn out the way it was supposed to be. I'm doubting mere apologies are going to resolve it all (and hormonal rage of the last post aside, I'm still not sure what to be apologizing for other than unintentionally upsetting my friends), so simply put, I'm feeling pretty lost right now. As I said, I'm not even angry at anybody. I want to resolve this, even if it's just simply a matter of apologizing and moving on (given that this started over matters that are going on 2 months old now and largely irrelevant by now). Whatever it takes. But as far as where to begin with that and how to do it... I really don't think I can trust myself to do it alone. It seems I have a tendency to come off as a gigantic asshole who means it to everyone who isn't talking with me on a consistent basis. Normally I kind of accept that about myself, but not when friends are lost over it.

I'm not even sure what this is coming off as and if anyone would take offense to it, or just roll their eyes and say it's not sincere. But when it reaches the point where it's actually affecting my outside life, as well as my work performance (badly enough to the point where I've actually had the manager on my ass a few times, and evidently some co-workers are talking badly about me now as well, but I'm not sure who), then I know this is probably something I shouldn't just let go as it is. As it stands, I feel awful even IMing anyone over it since the last thing I want to do is throw a dramafest on someone who doesn't need to deal with it, so all in all I'm pretty clueless as to how to rectify this. Is a simple "sorry" really going to do it? How am I going to prove I'm sincere that I really do feel bad about what happened? Even more, how do I show that I really want former friends back without giving them a migraine just by going over the details of what went wrong in the first place?

In a sense, maybe it is ridiculous to let something like this affect me this badly for so long, but at the same time, shouldn't that reflect how much I care about how badly things went down? And consequently, shouldn't that show that I genuinely do want to make amends and move past this? It's probably pathetic that I can't even trust my own judgment anymore, because if I seek help then that's easily interpreted as gathering sympathizers to aid in forcing a negotiation or something, right?

All in all... I just don't want to give it up completely. If I didn't think these people were awesome to begin with, I would have been able to let this go and move on by now. Since I can't and don't want to, that ought to mean these are friends worth getting back, right? Or I could be overly desperate, or both.

Is it a bad thing to even ask you guys what you think I should do, given the circumstances?

I just want it properly resolved and things to go back to normal. Even if it costs my reputation another blow. Call me crazy, but I think I can afford it.

Well, "Why Me?" is too whiny of a subject title here. Even if it is accurate. Oct. 31st, 2010 @ 05:39 pm
Well, I finally finished Trifecta 16 last week. Sort of expected it would take longer than usual with the timing of Gen V and all, but overall it turned out pretty decent. Trifecta 17 should be a lot better and a lot more fun. I'll probably start on that once I'm over my hormonal woes. This one's really been dragged out this month.

I've been hesitant to post here as it was, given that it turned out that a lot of people were annoyed/pissed at me for various reasons that had me utterly confused. Presently, I still don't really get it, but combined with overreacting PMS, it's made me awfully paranoid in regards to who hates my guts and who doesn't. A lot of wild and extreme accusations were thrown at me - none of which were even true - but everyone was buying into it anyway. Normally I just disregard anons because the majority of anons are subhuman anyway, but this time around I'm somehow making some of my familiars dislike me. Believe me, it's frustrating when you're pissing somebody off and you don't have the faintest clue as to why.

It's sort of a vicious cycle; I've already accepted that anons will always take every opportunity to throw shit at me, but when it comes to actual friends, I wish they would have communicated some of these alleged problems to me. When it comes to things like this, I'd like to have them resolved ASAP. Dragging it out just does... nothing, really. There's like a bazillion ways to contact me, so why are so few people actually taking advantage of that?

For a long time, I wasn't sure if it was the best idea to even bring it up here, but at this point I'm pretty sick of holding it all in. That's unhealthy, you know. Doesn't help matters that a certain mod on Bulbagarden is really starting to piss me off with his hypocrisy, rash decisions, and his "my way or the highway" attitude. He really hasn't changed at all the last time he was in a position of power, and it's going to end up messy; I'm sure of it.

Guess the negativity is just really getting to me. Maybe staying quiet and playing Pokemon White would help, but that's just basically running away from the problem, isn't it?

Impending flood of complaints in 5, 4, 3, 2...
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In which Shin PMSes and calls people out. Again. Oct. 10th, 2010 @ 01:58 pm
So, yeah! Like I said, I finally got my Pokemon White rom to work a little over a week back. All thanks to Tango, that whore. Thankfully the patch and an upgraded DeSmuME make playing this a lot less painful than how it was playing SoulSilver before it came out in the States. No random freeze-ups after half an hour or so or anything like that.

Also, it looks like they decided to change Aloe's official stock art oh-so slightly from her original one. I'm not sure what the motivation is here (since the other Gym Leaders have yet to get any alternate stock arts of their own), though I'm sure it's not a stretch to guess maybe certain international chapters of TCPI mandated it? Of course this'll be bunk if other Gym Leaders end up getting new stock art as well, but the fact that this one isn't too terribly different from Aloe's original stock art tells me that maaaaaaybe this is Japan and their unintentional racism going one step too far again? Maybe? Aloe did strike me as what Mammy Two Shoes would look like if Tom & Jerry had some sort of bizarre anime spinoff series. I kinda thought it was funny in an "oh u, Japan" sort of way, but then again I'm white so I guess I don't have room to talk.

Alternatively, this art does indeed prove that Aloe isn't fat, though I never thought she was to begin with. I always believed she just made poor fashion choices. Either that or... well, I know she has like a kid or something in the games, so maybe that kid was a messy little bastard and this saves her classy little white shirt and her bellbottoms from the bouts of thrown food and... yeah, this tangent is getting stupid.

I finally beat Aloe, speaking of. Retaliation is still a fucking hax move, but it was Leech Seed of all things (that my Janovy learned during the battle) that saved my bacon this time, since Choroneko didn't last long enough to Torment my foes into not spamming Retaliation and Munna didn't last long enough to put either of them to sleep.

So here's the team I've got right this second.

Pics or it didn't happen...?Collapse )

I finally got my iPod to cooperate and got Pillars of Friendship! on there, meaning I was able to finish the transcript at work after all. It's been alternating between slower-than-sin/busy-as-fuck there. I'm about 9.5k into Trifecta 16, so yes, I have been working on it! Hopefully that'll get done sooner than later. I'm admittedly going to have more fun with chapter 17 than 16, so my writing drive hasn't been as ON FIRE lately, but I'll press through it. Nice to have a holiday weekend where I can actually take advantage of said holiday. I never got off school for Columbus Day. But now that I work in the IRS, I get to have a longer weekend~! It's nice to have that buffer. And to think I'll have two holidays for the next two upcoming months...

I'm beginning to regret making this thread. If only because I'll dread it if I keep getting jackasses like the guy who "laughs his ass off" at everything I say. Yeah, so sorry I think your "trim your stories by 10% to get rid of the junk; that's what professionals do" so-called tip is right out of left field. I'm going to need to be full-on medicated to make a proper response there. That's something that's always bugged me about Bulbagarden; sure, overall it's probably a better place to hold intelligent discussions compared to, say, Serebii (though I haven't messed around there for non-fic purposes in ages), but Bulbagarden's forums are filled with so many jerkasses (some intelligent, even) that aren't even worth holding a conversation with.

And not just any jerkasses; arrogant jerkasses. This guy's the definition of a "sore winner" - as in, getting into several debates and whenever this person ends up being the one in the right, they go out of their way to rub it in everyone's faces. Is it too much for people like this to have just a little bit of class?

This is where it really shows.
And here is where I talk about Pokemon Best Wishes and Ash's aging and crapCollapse )

Um, aside from that, I've updated Trifecta's timeline to Chapter 32, which will be the adaptation of the Paul vs Barry episode. So I have indeed been busy!

Alrighty. Tired of rambling now.
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Tunage: Pokemon White - Shippou City

So I've been quiet here for a while and I do have a lot to talk about, but right now there's only one thing that needs to be said.

I've been playing Pokemon White for a while (via rom, obviously). You know what I just now came across and caught?



Dude I wasn't even doing anything special; just level-grinding before challenging Aloe. Iunno if it's because I'm focusing on leveling my whole team at once rather than focusing on one or two Pokemon and leaving the rest to be wimps like I usually do, but this game feels a lot more difficult than the previous ones.

I also caught a Tabunne pretty damn quick early on.

But dude. I wasn't even gonna have a dumbass pigeon on my team BUT NOW I OBVIOUSLY HAVE TO.

That is all!
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This ain't a tea party; it's combat! Sep. 10th, 2010 @ 08:43 pm
Man, it's been forever ago since I used this thing. Geez. Though I know part of that's due to the fact that I got sick twice over the past month - like really sick. As in, wanting-to-puke-but-can't-because-I-didn't-eat-anything-because-I-know-it'll-give-me-indigestion-and-yet-I-am-still-starving sick. Not to mention the cold chills and fevers coming in and out. Part of me likes to think the sudden cold snap is the cause of that since that always seems to fuck my body up, but I've been better now. Since the Diamond & Pearl series is officially over and I've got pretty much nothing left to worry about in terms of staying close to its canon in Trifecta I can start kicking myself into getting a transcript down for Pillars of Friendship! and then finally start chapter 16.

One little detail had me intrigued near the end of DP188, though...

Which I'll put here since I took giant screencaps of the HD episodes. Also included are two lulzy screencaps I made.Collapse )

So D/P has officially come to an end. Dawn achieved GF Runner-up, Ash finally bested his last League placing by reaching the Top 4, and probably would have reached the finals if he wasn't pitted against an uber-using Gary Stu. At least he did defeat Darkrai and Kamikaze'd Latios, which evidently none of Takuto's other competitor's managed, so that's pretty noteworthy. For being a terrible battle in concept, the action was pretty nice and even gave Ash's always-badass Sceptile the honorable distinction of being one of the few of Ash's Pokemon to ever take down a legendary in battle. I think the only others are (obviously) Pikachu with Regice/Latios and Charizard with Articuno. It was a great saga, though I do wish it would've lasted longer and allowed full battles for both Barry and Conway. If only we didn't have those unnecessary fillers right before the League and Nando coming in on it, because that battle was pretty much essentially "blah" - and there was really no reason for it to be any more than that since Nando already got his epic-scale battle out of Zoey. He's not nearly interesting enough to warrant two of those, so I say it would've been best to just axe him completely and give the more deserving characters some more time to shine. But for what we got, it was way beyond awesome and I seriously wonder how the hell the events of Best Wishes will top Ash and Paul's final battle. Until there's an official romanized name for Shuuti/Shooti/Shooty I swear I'm calling him Young Bandit Keith. Also turns out he's getting Tsutarja - a girl, at that. lulzy. And an interesting and legitimate reason for Pikachu's obligatory power-down at the beginning of the series, too. How about that. They'll definitely need to pull out all the stops to fill in the big shoes left by D/P, though.

I have to say Iris already interests me way more than Dawn ever did. Not sure if her Kibago's going to be in Piplup's role of pseudo secondary mascot or not, but I'm sure the producers are pretty pissed about not getting to market Piplup up the ass anymore, so I'm sure they've put loads of thought into that.

Speaking of, I did like the final episode of DP, but was I the only one who was really fucking annoyed with Piplup (or Pochama in this case) crying for like a solid 45 seconds? Yes, I get it - he's depressed - but couldn't they have tried to make said depression less... grating? And this is coming from someone who actually likes Pochama's voice (especially compared to Piplup's), so I will dread the hell out of this scene once it's dubbed. But yeah, that part just reinforces the fact that one thing I am happy about D/P ending is no more goddamned Piplup. It being marketed on the level of Pikachu wasn't what bothered me at all - but I found that Piplup's personality is honestly not that endearing to sit through after almost 200 episodes. I liked its bratty personality at first, but I got sick of it really quickly and Piplup was a serious limelight hog the entire time, which effectively shafted the majority of Dawn's team.

I found it highly odd that they didn't tell us what Dawn would be doing now that Ash and Brock are leaving her. Thought it was suspicious that they were reminiscing over the Pokemon Stylist filler episode of all things and not go anywhere with that since Dawn was offered to partake in that and declined, and in the end it evidently had no bearing on Dawn's goals as she still wants to be a Top Coordinator. So we got that and... nothing else. That could work to my favor as far as the fic goes, though. I just thought it was weird since we had very clear motives for Misty and May to justify their departures. Even Paul got one, but Dawn doesn't? Huh.

Still can't say I'll miss Dawn... at least, not nearly as much as I'm missing Paul/Barry/Conway. I stopped caring about Dawn and her storyline midway in and there wasn't much later on in the series to get me to care otherwise. That's a shame, though to be fair another part of it is that many of us already figured Dawn would get the boot as soon as D/P ended since the anime was establishing a pattern there with Misty and May's departure. So I knew better than to get attached, perhaps? I'll also be glad to see the Pearlshipping riots to finally die down... geh, I hate that pairing almost as much as I hate Pokeshipping.

Brock's departure, IMO, was way more heart-wrenching than Dawn's. It wasn't nearly as detailed and only lasted a few moments, but the subtlety of it (plus Ash and Brock's brief hesitation to let go of their handshake) was truly beautiful to me. As I said, I've always enjoyed Brock no matter how stale/useless he got. At the same time I'm not against shaking things up by replacing him as Brock's been in the anime for such a long-ass time now, and it is nice that Brock finds his true calling as a Pokemon Doctor rather than a Breeder. Thinking back on it, there are numerous episodes throughout D/P (and probably the past series as well) that show Brock being more of an ideal doctor than anything else. So if that was honestly build-up, I have to say that was very nicely done. It really is gonna be weird not having him around anymore after the fact, but I'm sure Dento's going to be a fun enough ride to ease the pain.

Of course, I guess I'll need to get my clothes ready ahead of time for work when Best Wishes premieres the week after next since that's two back-to-back episodes, meaning it'll end at 7 AM (which is close to the time I should start getting ready to leave for work). Daylight Savings Time won't be for another effing few months, but when that happens, that will get rid of that cutting-it-close timing.

Anyway, I've done a loooot of doodling since I've done no writing lately and work has been slow as hell the past couple of weeks. My main project is a Farewell to D/P picture, which I'll show my progress of right now.

It doesn't change the fact that my art still sucks. Also, some more distant-future Trifecta details within! ... Which speaks of Silver and... WHITNEY?! AND WHAT THE FUCK IRIS IS IN THESE PICS TOO?!Collapse )

Admittedly I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do next with Paul. It may have taken me like a year more than everyone else, but now I'm starting to get sick of the drama, the sense that things will never improve for this guy, and that fact that the vast majority of the characters he interacts with are ganging up on him... and that fact that he keeps getting his ass kicked in battle. I mean, it's been amusing for a long time, but now I'm getting really bored and even depressed with it because I'd like to see some semblance of progress with Paul's character since his +1 year at PD, but very rarely does one get to see that growth.

Then again, it could just be pointless bitching from me, but I would like to get Paul out of jobber status one day and in a position where his sanity is not totally lost on a daily basis. Because at this rate, he'll end up being another Pryce and I'd really rather not have that happen.

Um, this post is getting crazy huge so I think I'll wait for another day to talk about other stuff (namely Total Drama World Tour-related stuff), but while I've not updated Trifecta's timeline yet, I will soon, but I would like to confirm some (tentative) titles for future chapters. I've also mapped out plans for Chapter 26 in full, and I have confirmed that Chapter 27 will be the Fighting Fire with Ire! adaptation. Anyway, here's what the chapter titles are looking like right now from chapters 16 onward:

Chapter 16: Viva La Regi-lution!
Chapter 17: We're Gonna Need a Montage!
Chapter 18: The Worst of Messes Become Successes!
Chapter 19: Black Ice Battle!
Chapter 20: The Breaks of Making Up!
Chapter 21: TBA
Chapter 22: TBA
Chapter 23: Ghost Busted!
Chapter 24: TBA
Chapter 25: Going Eight!
Chapter 26: TBA
Chapter 27: TBA

Now... Going Eight! in particular is a title I'm worried that the TCPI dub will actually use in the near future. The reason for the name is because Conway will get his final badge in Chapter 25. Obviously this is a spin on the phrase "going ape".

Now consider Ash's official battle with Volkner and the fact that Infernape will play a huge role in it. And that this will be Ash's eighth badge gain.

Does it seem extremely plausible or what?!

Then again, I was almost sure they'd use It's On Like Bastiodon! (Chapter 5's title) for Ash's battle with Byron, but instead settled for an extremely generic Dealing With Defensive Types!, so it could be the same case here for all I know.

But this IS quite an opportunity to use that awful pun, isn't it? What to do you guys think? I'll hate having to come up with something else if it ends up being used after all... d'aww man.

Oh, and one last thing. Belatedly, oh-so belatedly, I must bow and thank demonoflight for this wonderful piece of fanart (though I did comment +fav... two days after it was posted). Words really cannot describe how much it tickles me silly to get fanart from other people based on my stories. ♥ It's a great thing to look at whenever I'm feeling down; I swear Andrea's drawn better here than how I actually draw her. Go figure~.

Okay, everyone go chew on that and chew me out as you deem fitting!

The final hurdle! Aug. 11th, 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Trifecta 15 is done~! And over 30k words, no less.

Yeah, I wanted it done by KP's birthday, but I also wanted it done and out there before part 2 of the Paul battle airs in Japan a little over 10 hours from now.

Only problem is that I still haven't settled on a title. A-all I know is that I want a pun that'll fit in with "Pyramid Prince".


Ash Ketchum and the Pyramid Prince!...?

I'm not even into Harry Potter.

The Trainer Formerly Known as the Pyramid Prince!...

Would that even fit.

Pyramid Prince of Persia!

That... is way too easy.

Oh god.

What. Will. I. Do.

'Cause I have to do what you couldn't. And that's that. Aug. 6th, 2010 @ 05:47 pm
Back pain. So much back pain. Given my poor posture, I'm going to be completely crippled by the time I reach my 40s. It's amazing how much back pain can ruin an otherwise average work day, augh.

Aaaaaaand it looks like Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will cap off at 191 episodes, just one short of the Advanced Generation series. It seems like they really are getting rid of Brock this time in the penultimate episode. I know they've teased him leaving at the end of a series only for him to come back a few episodes in to the next, but for all those times they never really had a major Brock-centric episode dedicated to said teasing. Usually it's just the last 5 minutes of an episode or so. Given that we've gone this long without seeing any trace of Brock in the Best Wishes series and it looks like Dento will be taking up the third slot in Ash's travel party is a pretty good sign that this'll be it for Brock for a while. Granted, he's been in over 600 episodes of the entire anime (so he pretty much only falls short to mainstays Ash/Pikachu/Team Rocket), but somehow I think I'll still miss him. I always liked Brock no matter how useless he seemed or how tired his flirting routine got. DP at least made that entertaining every time with Croagunk buttraping him for it. Plus they at least did a good job in making Brock relevant to the Team Galactic plot.

I really hope we get at least one more appearance with Conway, even if it's just post-League blahness or whatever. We've still got Barry on board until the end of the League at least, and we're in the midst of Paul's three-parter of a last hurrah (he'll probably appear in the Darkrai episode too); after the League though, I imagine we'll be saying goodbye to all three of those guys simultaneously. And naturally, they're the ones I'll miss the most.

The first part of the Paul battle was already OMGWTFAMAZING in several different ways. They definitely managed to put Dawn to good use (seeing as her story arc's been over with since like, late spring) because I was in utter shock that they gave Dawn and Paul so much one-on-one dialog. Not to mention the hilarity of Dawn walking in on and eavesdropping on Paul right as he managed a smile at his brother. Dawn, you're totally no better than Conway now. She's actually been pretty awesome during the League; getting creeped on multiple times by Conway, actually mocking the way Paul speaks to Barry, and now this. It's very nice, very fresh. I've always been okay with Dawn, but what dragged her down for me was her boring-ass journey, which I mostly blame on her rivals and the disproportioned screentime distributed with her Pokemon.

Still, this episode brought up a point that I thought was the case all along: Paul thinks Ash and Reggie are a lot alike, and that bothers him. So I'm glad to have nailed that one right on the head. Now I'm calling that his Rape-ion (which is very appropriate; it seems to be what Ursaring was in the first full battle... i.e. killing at least half of Ash's team single-handedly) is actually Reggie's... or rather, both Reggie's and Paul's. Yeah, there was a throwaway scene in the anime back in like DP081 or something that showed him trying to catch one or something, but it clearly got away and given how massively powerful Drapion is, considering it hasn't gotten the massive amount of screentime that Paul's Ursaring had to establish its badassery, I'm gonna go on a limb here and say Paul picked up on Drapion's training where Reggie left off after retiring. Given that that was quite a while ago, it would make sense why Drapion's so ridiculously powerful: it has many years of training from opposite ends of the spectrum as far as style is concerned. Plus if Paul was willing to sacrifice his Aggron and Gastrodon just to make this thing destroy Ash's team, there's obviously got to be a deeper connection here than what's being shown.

There've been nice signs of Paul mellowing out significantly in the League, but still standoffish enough to leave a bad taste in Ash & Co.'s mouths. It was amusing that Paul actually stared at Gastrodon's Pokeball after he recalled it and seemed to almost consider saying something to it (since Paul never thanks his Pokemon for their hard work after recalling them, much unlike everybody else). Not to mention Paul being enough of a bastard to blatantly copy Ash's signature Counter Shield technique. There have been a lot of references to the first full battle (such as Ash currently having the upper-hand in the beginning, though even better this time around), but plenty of unique twists to make this quite the epic-scale battle.

Now... given that they've never really done three consecutive episodes focused on one battle before, there's obviously going to be some backstory shown since Paul's on his way out and Team Rocket have been converted to audience members themselves, meaning there likely won't be any more of their shenanigans interrupting the awesome. They've showed Reggie quite a bit (too bad he's not in the audience; he's just quietly watching at home, the poor guy) and he seems to be exposition man here just like he was in DP128, so this is... definitely going to be a crazy couple of months.

I've promised to get Trifecta 15 finished by kitsune_prophet's birthday, which is one week from now. I'm presently 16k in and just about ready to start the actual battle with Brandon. So I'm gonna have to kick it into overdrive this coming week. All of this week I've been conking out for at least 3-4 hours every evening, sometimes more than that. Not sure why I've been so susceptible to sleep, but I'll try to resist that since that's the main thing that's holding the story back. Well, that and the fact that it's sorta hard to get much of it written down at work now. I also want to finish it by the end of next week because I'd like to get this chapter out before part 2 of the full battle, just so I won't have to backtrack midway in and change details at the last minute.

I've also been giving detailed backstories to all of Paul's Pokemon, both to make it an easy reference in RPing, plus it helps establish some more fic canon that I plan on adapting in the future. I've currently determined that Conway will have captured Lickilicky "off-screen" in Trifecta by the time I get back to his side of the story. Since he's going after Fantina, it would make sense for him to seek out a Normal-type. Shuckle will be a displayed capture, but probably downplayed. Dusknoir will be the capture + character development since this is a great opportunity to get Conway to conquer one of his greatest phobias.

In turn, with Paul, I've already established so far that Drapion was Reggie's and Gastrodon will just be one of those things he's had but hasn't used that often. Glad I'll be able to make a plot point out of Aggron, though! Totally didn't think Paul was ever going to use that thing again, but it'll be nice for Conway to teach Paul the value of patience by helping Paul's Lairon evolve (sensible, as Conway canonly owns an Aggron).

For Froslass, so far I've settled on one amusing plot: Froslass will be a capture, but more like a re-capture. I've explained her backstory on RP Paul's post already, but tl;dr: Paul caught her as a Snorunt ages ago and didn't know her gender. Snorunt are a bitch to evolve and Paul clearly got tired of doing it himself and left her at Reggie's, expecting to see a Glalie out of the deal someday. Instead, he ends up with a Froslass and he immediately wants to release it because A) He doesn't trust Ghost-types and B) its a gurl, hurhur. Reggie demands Paul to give it a chance, and Paul "promises" he'll do that... by taking her, going out some distance, and then releasing her. Lulz.

Froslass, I plan on her coming back to haunt Paul in the same chapter where Conway captures Dusknoir. That way it'll be a learning experience for both of them!

And then there's Ninjask... that's an easily-solved problem, especially since I'm just getting to Trifecta 15: Brandon gives Ninjask back, thinking Paul totally needs it more than he does after seeing his pitiful performance. This of course is a great offense to Paul and will serve well to make him despise his daddy all the more.

So... yeah. Lots of plotting to do! That timeline's definitely going to need a bit of a makeover since there's no way Paul and Conway will be doing all of their capturing after Chapter 25 (right at the end of Galactic Battles, no less). But that's going to wait for chapter 15 to actually finish; no doubt that's top priority right now.

I've considered doodling a farewell to DP and all its amazing greatness that I'll miss. Maybe. My drawing kinda blows ass. Does it make me weird that whenever High Touch! 2009 comes on my iPod, I'm imagining Paul and Conway doing the singing? And in the band version of Saikou Everyday! I'm imagining Paul's doing it rock concert style with Conway and Barry as backup singers.

... Yeah. I got problems all up in this, don't I?
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Did you just say CHOCOLATE?! Aug. 2nd, 2010 @ 06:12 pm
You know, when I first looked at Iris from the greyscale stock art, I had a sneaking suspicion that her hair would be purple. Just a hunch. And you know what? I was right. I also suspected that she would be some girl from the wild who would be totally out of touch with normal society and sort of have an attitude like Sapphire from Pokemon Special. And you know what? Apparently I was right there, too.

I still think Iris' hair is fucking stupid (for an anime-original character, I can't believe they'd willingly design someone who has hair so long that they'll have to take extra effort to animate whenever anybody's moving or when wind blows. They must've had it so easy with Misty and May), though I will applaud her for having an outfit that looks pretty functional and would be something that I'd actually wear in real life. Sorry, but Misty's original outfit was an atrocity (suspenders? really?), her AG outfit was pretty stupid-looking in its own right, and the one she had for a few episodes of Chronicles was easily her best one, but I wouldn't wear anything that would show my bare midriff.

May's clothes I'd probably wear if they didn't look so goddamn tight-fitting. I like comfort with my clothes. At least I wouldn't have gigantic boobs sticking out, though I don't like bandannas. Kris and Leaf have hats I'd never wear, plus Leaf has the way-too-short skirt and Kris' outfit... need better colors for me to consider wearing. Dawn? Needless to say that damn skirt is way too short and I'd only wear that top if it were 100 degrees outside. The hat would be nice for winter, though. Gen V girl's outfit is something I'd totally wear if I could get rid of the whatever-those-are hanging from her shorts.

Anyway... Dento makes me go "eeeaaaughh", but Paul probably did too at first. Still, as always I'm still hesitant about Best Wishes. It looks like D-Day for Diamond & Pearl is September 9th... a little over a month from now. Siiiigh. Freaky to think we're at the end of the line here.

I guess in a way I'm keeping the spirit of DP alive with Trifecta, which is doing pretty good at around 11k words. Pretty sure I can get this done before the 13th. I've been working on a few other small projects that are loosely related to the fic as well, so I'm being productive!

... Huh. I'm watching Danny Phantom now. I'm remembering how much Sam pissed me off (sorry, but goth wannabe + whiny rebel + inevitable love interest for main character even though I find them highly incompatible + vegan who forces her lifestyle on others = very unlikable character for me). And how much cooler Valerie was. And how Jazz sounds so familiar because lol her VA was Sora Takenouchi and Genis Sage.

Anyway! Um. August. Yeah. Blah.
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"I just got myself ten chapters ahead!" Jul. 24th, 2010 @ 07:50 pm
^ What always comes to mind when I think about how far I've planned Trifecta, which is ten chapters ahead of the one I'm currently working on. Trifecta 15 is almost 5k words now; it'll be both easy and challenging to get this fic done by kitsune_prophet's birthday... considering I've got a full script of both the dub and subbed version of DP128, meaning I've technically already have the entire foundation written out (albeit in script form). Now it's just a matter of me stretching out the details and expanding them. Considering I'm 5k in and just now getting to the scene where Reggie meets up with Paul may be good news. I've been giving Zoey a lot more focus than I thought I'd end up doing, but since I've decided to have her be a recurring character in Trifecta now (though it'll be a long time before she makes another appearance after 15), I decided why not. Besides that, it's nice to develop her a little bit and give her some real fuel in hating Paul. And even though I don't normally ship it, I do have some appreciation for Againstshipping/Paul x Zoey interaction since RPing it at TLH. I should totally look up Zoey's mun and thank her one day.

Anyway, beyond some tl;dr narrative, I've stretched out a couple of scenes beyond what canon shows, but the big additions are soon to come. I just wish I wasn't stuck with the really bitchy manager at work. Thankfully she's just an acting manager, meaning she'll be gone within the next month or two. But still, she's made work miserable for me by targeting me and making sure a day doesn't go by that she doesn't try to bitch at me for something even though I've barely been there for three months and there's a lot to learn and a lot of room for error... especially when I'm the only clerk on hand, which has happened at least twice already.

In which I... gasp! Bitch about work?!Collapse )

Real life woes aside, I got myself a DVR and paid channels at last, so I'm finally getting to enjoy Boomerang, Nicktoons and the like and it's so much nicer to have the TV on these days. I'm also pleased with Total Drama World Tour; it already makes TDA seem like an afterthought. It was almost like Chris was reading my mind when he said everyone tends to try harder and panic more when they don't know if the challenge will be elimination or a reward. The challenges themselves are much more satisfying as well. Even though it's a bummer that some of my favorite guys (Harold/Duncan) are already out of the game, it's nice knowing Duncan's just as AWOL as Ezekiel, who is being a GODDAMN CREEPER and it's great.

Alejandro has been very enjoyable and it's obvious they're setting up a 'ship between him and Heather eventually, which is fine with me because it's a fresh thing for Heather's development. Cody's been great as a poor victim of his stalker, and Sierra's been pretty neat as well. Especially in this week's episode where she absolutely trolled Chris on accident. Seeing his eye twitch is just... great.

And... I just love the "curse" on DJ where he's accidentally hurting/killing cute baby animals because it's hilarious watching him having nervous breakdowns and then surviving elimination. He obviously wants to be eliminated because of this, but just to spite DJ, he'll probably be there for a long time and that's A-OK with me! That poor, poor guy. Izzy still needs to win.

The first Aftermath (oddly they're not airing those on TV; just the internet) was leagues better than the TDA Aftermaths before it, and I think the reason for that is that the peanut gallery (aka the Total Drama characters who didn't qualify this season) are actually getting to do stuff rather than just sit there silently. Eva in particular is just really freaking awesome in the aftermath, but it's great that they're all having a role in the Aftermath now and I hope it stays that way for future Aftermaths. I don't want to say I hate TDA, but there was definitely something missing that season, and TDWT has so far seemed to regain that and retain all the excitement and sadistic pleasure that was present in TDI.

Otherwise in animation land, Ash vs Conway was this week for Pokemon in Japan. Knowing Conway was going to lose already is of course disappointing for someone like me (goddamn it he should've been the Legendary Trainer), but at least Conway didn't go down like a punk bitch. Thanks to Shuckle and Lickilicky, Gible has definitely lost its virginity. WTG, Conway, for horrifying the entire audience with your WTF battling style. Finally seeing Trick Room in the anime was great as well... and despite Ash winning, it was clear that Gible was about one step away from fainting as well. The battle was very well-done and very entertaining (have we really seen anything as fucked-up as that in the show beforehand?), and I really hope Conway sticks around for commentary like Barry is. They certainly didn't show him walking off into the sunset like Nando did and I like to think Conway would stick around out of curiosity for the Ash/Paul battle; after all, he knows both of them and he's a perfect guy for expositing when Ash and Paul's battle take some interesting, yet hard-to-explain turns.

All the more this makes me sad that the DP characters are going to be gone soon. As I expected, the Ash-Paul-Barry-Conway combo has displayed nothing but perfect harmony and has made this League a joy to see, even though it is a bummer that all the battles until now have been 3-on-3's when I believe other previous Leagues besides Kanto's had full battles for every round. But Ash and Paul are getting three full episodes to battle in, which is a milestone in of itself. I'm sure there's going to have to be some backstory or something because otherwise this battle is going to be crazy-long; I'm praying it's nothing that compromises my story since I've gone this long being able to work around the canon when it doesn't fully cooperate. So I'm excited yet concerned at the same time, but either way this is going to be a joyride. Paul's going out with a bang; that much is for certain.

His team leaves me WTFing a little because... really Froslass. I was hoping his Weavile would finally get a little redemption, but I guess that's all but impossible now. I really hope Drapion's a loan from Reggie because that's the perfect opportunity for the backstory stuff to start. Aggron is perfect for me story-wise since I've made a plot point about his Lairon a looooong time ago, and this is an excellent opportunity to actually have that plot point go somewhere while involving Conway at the same time (since he has an Aggron). Ninjask is also a pleasant surprise since we literally only saw that thing get captured in a flashback and that's it.

The crazy side of me of course hopes that this will reflect Brandon's Ninjask somehow. In Trifecta, Paul's Ninjask and Brandon's Ninjask are one and the same; it being a birthday present from Paul to Brandon. So to get around that, I'll of course need to insert a scenario of Brandon giving Paul Ninjask back at some point. With Drapion/Aggron/Ninjask, I think it's obvious that Brandon's going to be referenced to again. The signs otherwise make this a really huge coincidence and a dropped ball like the DP128 in general. Gastrodon, despite being the blue one, also seems to be a shout-out to the episode where Paul got crushed by Cynthia (though she never used Gastrodon against him, Paul at least knows she has one since he watched her crush Aaron on TV in DP100). So... a lot of intentional/unintentional references in Paul's team, huh?

I'll admit I'm peeved that the 6th slot goes to Electivire instead of Torterra. We've already seen Electivire take out Barry's Empoleon and that thing, both as an Electabuzz and an Elekid, has been pimped out ridiculously in the show... just for the sake of being a proper counterpart to Ash's Pikachu. Even though this particular evolution line has been whored out in the show several times even before DP began... I think that's why it bugs me. Also, it's the fucking League and Torterra has been repeatedly stated to be Paul's strongest Pokemon (which makes sense, since... y'know... starter and all). I mean, one can say Torterra will just be represented by Ash's and it'd be "confusing" to have two of them in the match, but that can be solved simply by not having them battle each other. Ash's Torterra is already distinct from Paul's in that it moves around like crazy with Rock Climb whereas Paul's Torterra is almost constantly stationary. This also would've been nice to feature Overgrow (since Barry's Empoleon was the way to showcase Torrent and Blaze has been a plot point since early on in the series) and even the basis between the ultimate starter moves that require LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. You know, the shit Paul doesn't believe in even though his own Torterra knows Frenzy Plant and it's the only move that Torterra has consistently had since its debut. No, instead we're having Electivire vs Infernape... am I the only one who really doesn't care that much about their rivalry?

Ggh. I guess one can say Paul's overconfident and certain he'll beat Ash, hence he's saving Torterra for Takuto aka cheapass Darkrai trainer... but since Paul's losing, that's just all for naught, now isn't it? Torterra had a personality too; I would've liked to see that further explored in Paul's inevitable backstory. Instead... fucking Electivire. Don't get me wrong; at least Electivire has a personality, but I'm really just sick of that evolutionary line and I never liked how that was associated with Paul more than his Torterra. But, what're we gonna do, huh? They've got three episodes to get the most they can out of Paul before his downfall and departure, so I'll have faith that the writers have made good use of it. I don't think they'll make the best use of it if only because they dropped the ball with Brandon, but the writers have come a long way since the beginning. DP's been overall a great series for all its ups and downs... and I'm definitely going to miss it.

This means I'll need to alter/insert some things in Trifecta's timeline since I'll need to address Conway's capture of Lickilicky, Shuckle, and Dusknoir. Dusknoir will be the easiest one to do; they didn't address one way or the other if Conway's Dusknoir was the same one from the Summer School arc, so that gives me the opening to say it is in the story. It'll be a great plot, even if it'll take me forever to get to. With Lickilicky, I may have that capture done "off-screen" during the chapters where he isn't appearing since Conway's heading for Fantina next. It's logical for him to aim for capturing a Normal-type if he's facing a Ghost-type expert, and I don't have any bright ideas for Lickilicky otherwise, so that may do well enough. Shuckle... I'll probably write about. Not sure if it'll be a capture while Conway's with Barry or while he's with Paul... either way, it's nothing I can't handle.

Paul's newly-revealed teammates are for the most part easy to address since he regularly rotates his team and he leaves whatever isn't in his party at Reggie's. He's been through as many regions as Ash, so it's reasonable to believe Paul probably has almost as many Pokemon as Ash does. That will explain Gastrodon, at least, so I won't have him trying to capture that. Aggron, Ninjask, and Drapion should hopefully all be easy to take care of since I've already addressed them in the story (well, not Drapion yet, but it'll be covered in the chapter I'm working on now). That leaves Froslass, which... baffles me. That one may be a capture; possibly in conjunction with Conway capturing Dusknoir if it's going to be a ghost-themed chapter in which they do this. I was originally going to say that perhaps Candice hands hers over to Paul, but I've yet to find a logical reason for her to do this (though there's an opportunity for Candice to do this much later in Trifecta), so we'll see, I guess. This is VERY distant-future planning, but it's important to do nonetheless.

At least when DP ends I'll be able to plot out the Battle Frontier half of the story with ease since I'll have total freedom with the characters. Still... sigh. I want to be excited for Best Wishes; I want to be excited for Gen V, but I'm simply just... anxious in a bad way, still. Damn this absorbing story.

If only to keep the spirit of DP alive, I plan on sticking with Trifecta to the bitter end. And that's a promise.

Oh yeah, in dubland, the first Volkner episode aired this morning. And I saw it. Volkner's voice is so goddamn amusing and I remember I actually missed a chunk of the beginning of this episode when I caught it on Keyhole back in like February, so I was for the first time seeing Volkner's security system in in action. You'd best believe I am so using this inspiration to fuel the chapter in which Paul and Conway make it to Sunyshore City.

Also, I have a feeling Tom Wayland voiced Flint, because he sounds quite a bit like Reggie. That's not necessarily a bad thing since it's a perfectly fine voice. Just not the first thing I'd picture on Flint. But it's adequate.

I guess I'm still reeling from the fact that Shelton Benjamin's been released by WWE, too. That happened at like, the end of May, and I found out like a month later because I haven't been keeping up with WWE much at all, lately. And this gives me even less incentive to do so. Still, it's hard to listen to WWE songs on my iPod now because all I'm thinking about now is poor Shelton.

... Hah. Even with an LJ-cut I still tl;dr and make you guys scroll. Suckers.
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Mahou Henshin~! Maagi Magi Magiiro! Jul. 14th, 2010 @ 06:43 pm
Once I recover from one thing, I suffer something else. Had a lovely dentist appointment today that I had to miss most of work for. With all of the numbing stuff they used in my mouth, it actually wasn't painful at all, but once I got to work and the numbing stuff wore off... just... augh. I've been feeling nauseous, dizzy, and generally pained since then. I'm coherent enough to like, drive and stuff, but physical labor is really more taxing than usual. Hopefully this'll be over with by tomorrow or at least be significantly reduced. This weekend needs to get here already.

Of course, there's still stuff to look forward to! The Paul/Barry battle is tomorrow and I'll be up early to watch that, no doubt. Now that Nando's finally gone forever (seriously, I struggle to find what Nando and Kenny ever truly contributed to the series; Kenny gave Dawn backstory exposition, but Ursula ultimately took advantage of that rather than him), the Sinnoh League can get reeeeally really interesting. It's still a bit anxiety-inducing knowing that these awesome characters will soon be no more, because I... dunno. Don't like judging books by their cover, but Iris looks utterly batshit and the rival silhouette just makes me worry for some reason. I think that's why I've been sort of reserved in my emotions over the Gen V stuff that's been leaked out recently.

And no, I don't know if I'll get Black or White when the time comes... like several months from now. I've just sort of been "oh, okay" with the new Pokemon so far, which isn't to say I dislike them, but it's just being unusually reserved with what I would normally be excited about. It probably is just the anime. On the bright side, when Paul/Barry/Conway get written out, I'll have a lot more freedom with Trifecta's direction, even though it'll probably be like a year and a half before I even get to that point. But still... as I've said, D/P set the bar way high up and I honestly think there's mileage left in all of the D/P characters that don't suck balls (except maybe for Zoey... now that she's become Top Coordinator and all, but since Dawn's leaving it's irrelevant anyway).

But I'll enjoy them all while they're still with us. I was very surprised to learn that Conway will have Dusknoir in addition to Shuckle when it comes time for him to battle Ash. This is something I thought would be really cool but the anime would never be awesome enough to make it happen, but huzzah wtf they did. Granted, it could just be a random Dusknoir, but don't you think it's kinda funny considering a Dusknoir saved Conway's life during the Summer School arc? Of course, Conway seemed to be a bit phobic of ghosts, but it would be very awesome if he somehow conquered that phobia and captured that Dusknoir.

If the anime doesn't expand on it (and they probably won't), you bet your balls I will. Paul forcing Conway to stop being a pussy and get over his fear is just what Trifecta needs, right? Also surprising that it'll be Dusknoir who has Trick Room rather than Slowking, which makes me wonder what role Conway's signature Pokemon will play in all this... sigh, that's going to be the end of the month, too.

While I've been trying to sit out my agony, I've taken to watching one of the Super Sentai series, aka Power Rangers only not American. I'm watching Mahou Sentai Magiranger, which was given to us as Power Rangers Mystic Force. I admit I caught this series during the short time I spent at my dad's and I wasn't really blown away by it, but I did sort of take a liking to what I'm pretty sure is a pedo pairing of Mystic Blue and Solaris Knight (or Madison x Daggeron). And when I did my research I was very pleased to see that the Japanese equivalent of those two did become canon to the point where they actually got married by the end of the series. Though Madison and Urara are pretty similar characters, there's a distinct difference between Daggeron and Hikaru... namely that Hikaru's a lot hotter. The story in Magiranger also appeals to me more since this particular Sentai is made up of five siblings (and ironically the youngest is MagiRed, the leader while the comic relief is in MagiGreen, the eldest sibling) and I do love family-oriented stories if Trifecta's any indication. Mystic Force didn't go that route at all, only making Madison and Vida (Mystic Pink) siblings. And they sorta shoehorned in a forced kinda-sorta pairing of Madison and Nick (Mystic Red) which I of course disapproved of. I remember liking Vida (she totally hated the color pink, which is hilarious), but I also like Japanese equivalent Houka, who is more of what you would expect from a Pink Ranger, but is still very likable. I'm sorta tempted to get some sort of icon with Houka's "Version Up~!" gesture. Once I actually make icons again, I guess.

Anyway, what's particularly addictive about Magiranger is the ending (it really starts at 0:17; the ED's always preceded by Mandora's magical lessons). Something about that goddamned choreographed dancing and the peppy song. It also made me remember something Pokemon-related.

Some bit of irony; even though almost all of the Pokemon anime characters' names are in katakana which leaves their meanings sorta up in the air, but I so very often hear "shinji" in association with faith/hope/belief ("shinjite" being in the ED, particularly... it's also in the OP). I recall in the Edgeworth game that the first victim in the game was a dude called Buddy Faith... his original name being Shinji. And what's Paul's Japanese name again...? Oh right.

Anyway, Paul's pretty notorious for refusing to invest in that blind faith and hope and shit and it's easy for me to see why, which is why I find it pretty hilarious that his Japanese name can be interpreted as the very thing he despises. Too bad I stick to dub names, hah.

Aaaanyway... I guess that's good enough for now. Later, yo.
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Jul. 12th, 2010 @ 06:57 pm
Haaaaven't been posting much lately, huh? I've been pretty miserable for a while, mostly the you-know-what that I'm just now coming off of. I finished Trifecta 14 over a week ago now and have full transcripts for both A Pyramiding Rage! and Battle Pyramid! Shinji vs Jindai!!, so I'm all set to start Trifecta 15 once I start feeling not-like-shit again. And also when I'm not totally swamped at work because I was the only clerk on hand today, so that meant all the work was piled on me. It's not necessarily torture, but it can be tedious. Especially when you're bleeding to death.

On the upside, it looks like I finally got my new health insurance card! So once I get this ordeal with my teeth done (apparently 3 years without seeing any professional about my teeth has finally caused mass decay), I'm definitely looking into ways to finally combat the crippling nature of my period. I've got almost 2k in my checking account now, and boy does it feel reassuring. These lower back pains, however, can go fuck themselves.

It's actually a little saddening going through with the Paul/Silver breakup. XD Something that needed to happen eventually, surely, but the full year's worth of their interaction even makes my evil little heart break. Even worse, my iPod just happened to land on the perfect song reflecting the jerkass' POV... too bad it's all in a woman's perspective, though that really doesn't change much, does it? The song's Endlessly, and before you say anything, yes I know. I can't help it. If I knew why the Italians had such a knack for making catchy music, I would tell you. But goddammit, they are pretty goddamn talented and this song almost perfectly reflects Paul's sentiments right now. Just replace "queen" with "king" lol and "girl" with "boy" and yeah. He actually always felt Silver would have been better off with Gold and always felt like an intruder to varying degrees, but having it said to his face pretty much set him off and he's reeeeeeeally not going to take what'll happen in the following days well, especially in conjunction with the Loveless event. But yeah, generally while Paul feels Silver's making the right choice, he can't get himself to stop loving Silver and at this point it's looking doubtful that he can make himself love somebody else; even another Silver. But this is yet another incident of Paul finally opening his heart and letting himself believe and hope again... and shortly after his life completely falls to pieces, just like it did not long after he finally opened up to Conway in the fic. So in all likelihood it's back to square one for him, which is sad in a "lol fail" way in itself. XD

Maaaan, how much more before he just tries to blow his brains out. I really do wonder. And why do I still enjoy it even with all the sadness it brings? I'm fucked up, obviously.

I'll see if I can't write more substantial things once I'm feeling better.
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The most relevant "holiday" of a certain story. Jun. 20th, 2010 @ 06:05 pm
You know me. I'll always take the mindless praise over the critics.

On Friday I took a nap around 6:30/7:00 PM and accidentally slept the whole night away. Uh whoops. ♥; I woke up naturally around 6 AM, so that was pretty freaky. May work in my favor, though I may have ruined it by staying up until 5:30 AM last night and woke up at 2 today. Still, I'm definitely going to get up early Thursday morning to catch DP182 live no matter what, so hopefully that won't be an issue. It's just my good luck that it's on juuuust early enough that it won't interfere with my getting ready for work, but late enough that I won't be up with two hours straight of nothing to do until I have to get ready for work.

Since Barry and Conway are appearing at some capacity in DP182, I decided to hold off on continuing Trifecta 14 until it airs. Just in case they interact, since I want to see the nature of said interaction juuuuuust to be on the safe side. Still gives me plenty of time to get this chapter done before June. I'm almost wondering if I should go ahead and start on those transcripts for both versions of DP128 so I'll have them ready when it's time to start Trifecta 15, because I'm pretty much at a scene switch interval for where I am at 14 (so yup, a whole 4200 words of nothing but long-overdue Brandon awesomeness), and the next scene will be Conway meeting Barry, so I'm pretty much stuck till that episode airs.

And from the look of things, I may be totally on my own Monday at work. Evidently there's another CPE Monday (aka the all-day seminar which tormented me due to it being like 20 degrees in that room all day long and it was made worse when they gave out free ice cream), but I never got an email about it unlike the last one, which leads my coworkers to believe that this CPE is not for clerks like me, hence I'm not required to go. And while a lonesome day at work would be boring, I'd take that over freezing to death in another boring seminar in a heartbeat. Too bad this can't be like, on a day where I'm holding the fic back, so I may either snap and break that vow or just waste all my time on Bulbagarden and whatever.

I've been spending a lot of time at Bulbagarden because it's one of the very few places on the 'net at work that I can access with no problem at all, and that includes logging in on the forums and posting. Serebii's totally shut out, as is LJ, and I can't even properly check my Yahoo! email. I can preview it from the main page's QuickView function, hilariously enough, but I can't access any of my messages or properly get into my email account. While it's best that I just focus on work anyway, on slow days like this where nothing's going to be going on, this'll be a bummer. Thankfully I've got a DS, right? But yeah, Bulbagarden at least keeps me up to speed on the episodes I'm too lazy to get up and watch. I can also access and log on to Fanfiction.net without a problem, though it staunchly refuses to let me view any fics from the "Games" section of the site (methinks the IRS web filter probably automatically walls off anything that says "game" in it regardless of whether or not it involves playing games of any kind). Unless I access said game-based fics through a user's profile, so I can still access my own fics in that section... still, it's pretty limited and I'm more or less relegated to reading fanfiction in areas other than that. But as usual with FFN, finding quality stuff there is pretty much impossible.

Buuuut, Monday night is when Total Drama World Tour premieres! Granted it seems Teletoon snuck in and already aired the season premiere earlier this month because I just watched it yesterday on Youtube, but the first episode is one of a two-parter and no episodes have aired since then (I guess CN's cracking the whip about keeping their airdates even this time around for serious), so there's still an air of ~suspense~ about. Could've sworn when TDI debuted in the US that they did actually air both parts of the premiere on the same night, but I guess since they're also doing the series finale of 6teen on Monday as well that they're willing to hold it off until next week. Bummer.

Anyway, I might as well vent my thoughts on the first part in true spoiler fashion, and maybe even reference the special since I never talked about it even though it aired ages ago.

And I'll even be nice and LJ-cut it for those who don't care/don't want to be spoiled!Collapse )

Annnnd... I already forgot about things to talk about. Maybe I'll just play more Super Mario Galaxy 2 until I can muster up the will to give my dad a call. Ugh, Father's Day.
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Because we all need a little controversy! Jun. 17th, 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Oh my god on the way home from work today I finally settled on a name for Trifecta 14. I usually don't take this long while the chapter is in progress to come up with a name.

Trust me. My titles are purposely cheesy and bad, but I must have some degree of finesse with it.

So, are you ready for this?


It Feels So Lonely Without Barry!

Or, alternatively, With Barry if you want to keep the syllables in line, but the former makes more sense and it's really not that hard to slip in a small extra syllable in a goddamn song like that. So yeah. This is what I'll be sticking with. I've gotta thank the Donkey Business soundtrack for giving me that one. If you haven't already, I recommend giving it a listen. It's essentially a merge of songs from Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 (and one song from 3, which is incidentally the exact song I was listening to when I reached that epiphany, certainly enough) to various rap songs, and as someone who honestly hates rap that either takes itself seriously or is from any time period beyond the early 1990s, I have to say the DKC music makes the songs at least 200% better. Probably more. I had the whole soundtrack on repeat at least three times during work today because it's one of the few song collections I have in order on my iPod, and when you've got well over 4000 songs on your iPod, trust me when I say it's an utter bitch to find all of the Power Ranger themes or whatever crazy-fandom song that keeps me going and moving in the office. And on busy days, I don't really have time to be sifting through the bazillion songs I only sometimes feel like listening to in order to find the good stuff.

Anyway, as with most weeks where it's the week, I haven't gotten much accomplished aside from one minor thing. Basically, Trifecta's timeline got one huge-ass update that I've been toiling over this entire week now. It's technically fic progress, even if chapter 14's still meandering at 4k words. The bottom line is: Travels of the Trifecta! is now planned out to Chapter-fucking-25.

I try to at least plan one new chapter for each chapter I complete, but I went ahead and planned four just for the hell of it. Of course, the further this timeline goes on, the more things are subject to change, especially since some chapter contents are looking mighty uneven in the future and may require some rearrangement. It's nothing I haven't done before; the Plumeria Contest was originally going to be all of Chapter 9 until I realized just how daunting Contests were to write and decided to cut it in half to make the plot twist of Chapter 10 a bit more fulfilling and it also appeared to help add to the surprise by making everything bright and happy during the first half of that chapter.

Anyway, even if things do change, I've at least got a road paved for the fic all the way up to the episode where Ash catches Gible, which is the very end of the Galactic Battles season. The real trick is getting around the Galactic stuff, seeing as this is Paul's story and yet Saturn's pretty much the only real villain in it (and has no quarrel with Paul whatsoever), and with no room to squeeze Paul or even Conway in, that pretty much kills any chance of a full adaptation of the Galactic finale, though I will definitely be adapting crucial bits. It's still going to be highly relevant, as when I get to a chapter where Conway learns about what happened to Team Galactic and how, he'll be getting that fiery burst of fighting rage similar to the kind Reggie will be getting when he realizes he has grandparents in (tentatively) Chapter 25. Since the Galactic finale stuff will presumably be dealt with to a degree in Chapter 23, I don't want to keep Conway in the dark for too much longer. I already figure Chapter 26 will be that in-between chapter bridging to the next canon Paul episode adaptation (which should be getting a dub title any day now...) where Paul can find out about his grandparents since he'll be in the area, and why the hell not have Conway have his own revelations as well. There's so much stuff to deal with every chapter that it's rather tricky to distribute it evenly across chapters. But those of you who've been reading the story know that already because of how motherfucking long these chapters are.

Still, like I said, I'd prefer 14 not to drag on because 15 is the real bombshell of the story where it is now. I'm physically feeling a lot better today, so I'm praying I can kick myself into getting the actual chapter done by Father's Day, or at least by the end of June. It's still not even been a month since the last update, so that's good, but I still want to make up for that godawful 3-and-a-half-month wait between chapters 12 and 13.

The only other major relevant change I can think of right now is Conway's pacing. I was originally not going to have him even facing Crasher Wake yet by the time he meets Barry, but since Barry lacks a Fen Badge and can't think of a good reason to get around that logical loophole (as even Barry won't have 8 badges by Chapter 25, whereas both Paul and Conway will), aaaand since I don't find much potential fun in writing Crasher Wake, I might as well take the lazy route with him if I have to choose any Sinnoh Gym Leader to do it with. Fantina will be much more fun to write and it will play into Conway's ghost phobias and Barry has a bit of bad luck battling her, so I think that'll be much more worthwhile. By the way things were working out before, Conway was still going to have only two badges by the time he reunites with Paul in Chapter 20. With these revisions, he'll now have five. I really have to bless the anime with how it's been plotting things out, because the lazy-ass Volkner makes it easy to give Paul and Conway Beacon Badges simultaneously, the sudden reappearance of Candice in the episode where Zoey wins her fifth ribbon gives Conway an opportunity to win an Icicle Badge without having to go all the way up to friggin' Snowpoint again (seriously, that was at least a 5-chapter trek in itself) by making Conway encounter her before that particular episode sets, and it all comes full circle by Paul watching Conway battle Byron for badge #8, where their adventures together began. Just in time for Paul's stupid interview cameo, too.

Speaking of the anime, I must say that as stupid as the Kenny episode was, I am massively placated because next week's episode, aka Ash's Old Pokemon = Happy Nostalgic Times + Realism that just the Sinnoh team won't get Ash anywhere in the League, has both Barry and Conway's VAs listed, and despite the preview, the listings indicate that they will indeed appear next week. Even if it's just a friggin brief moment at the end, I don't care. It's fucking Conway, and it also means that hopefully I'll get an idea of what his League team will be so I can not have to suffer with guessing what they'll be by having Conway haphazardly Catching 'Em All.

Not to mention, hey. Barry and Conway are appearing. If they interact I'll die. Of sheer happiness. Yep yep yep this is definitely the time to be making a note to set the alarm clock back a bit on Wednesday nights, that is for sure.

And good god it's going to be 90 degrees tomorrow aaauuugghh. But seriously, anyone who's been following Travels of the Trifecta! who likes giving input is free to do so in the timeline post (or here; don't really care), because I really am pussy-footing around the chapters beyond 20, naturally since that's so far ahead of where I am now, but I'm open to suggestions and what-have-you, and feedback goes a long way in driving me to finish my shit faster, let me tell you.

It's so funny to think I'm only 4 chapters behind battlestandby's canon now; his and Silver's anniversary is this coming Tuesday. I already have stupid-as-shit ideas for that, oh yes.
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Wow I just remembered E3 and stuff was going on today. Glad to always see some new Zelda on board, but Donkey Kong Country Returns is what impresses me the most. I was huge on the DKC games back in the day. I completely forget the status of third-party developers and hence I have no idea if Rare will actually be involved in this game's production (I've been wary of almost everything Donkey Kong-related that Rare didn't have a hand in making). Looks pretty faithful to the classic style, though. I'll look forward to it.

I've just been having such an awful week already. This month's week of hell has been utterly brutal, and worst of all screwed me out of work just yesterday. I don't know how or why since I had my alarm clock set correctly, but I ended up sleeping solidly until 1 PM - well over half my tour of duty. I haven't even been in this job for 2 months yet, so naturally there's some freakout going on in terms of my probation period, whatever the nature of it is.

This was also a solid twelve-hour sleep, so this is not necessarily on account of the fact that I went to bed at 1 AM Sunday night. I slept way too long for what's normal for a human. Periods really do this to me at times, and this is exactly what I was afraid of when I realized I got this job.

But I guess I have friends in higher places since I wasn't even scolded by anybody for being so awfully late. I debated whether or not to even go in at that point, but figured it was safer to be over there than stay at home and have to face my mother about this (which I've still not told her about). I also knew one of the clerks was off this Monday and there was some work that needed to be done, so even if it was for just 2 1/2 hours, I went into work anyway and immensely apologized for sleeping over half the day away.

The vast majority of my team is composed of women. Many of which have already hit menopause, I imagine, but they all seem to understand just how badly a period can wreck your life. A couple of people even said they suffered the exact same extreme symptoms I do presently, and since it was a slow work day and no one really wanted to do anything due to the A/C being busted in the building, nobody (not even our acting manager) seemed to particularly mind my unexpected absence. One coworker was even nice enough to give me the name of a very good gynecologist in Florence who could help me out in coping with this monthly ordeal. First I have to figure out what the hell is taking the HR department so goddamn long to send me my new insurance card, since I don't want to start diving into medical stuff until I get my new, superior coverage in action. But once I get that done, I'm going to start scheduling some appointments after work hours so I can finally get this over with.

For the sleepiness, I'm probably going to need an increase on the Ritalin since two is not cutting it for me when I'm in this condition. I might need a stronger antidepressant to control my emotional outbursts, because that was in full force before I started on Saturday. I made a minor mistake at work on Friday and I seriously came close to crying over it, even though I've done it before on accident and it's not that hard to get around. My friends online can already tell I've generally been extremely bitchy and/or antisocial, which also isn't pleasant. Same goes for any poor fool on the Bulbagarden forums who've had to deal with my bitching.

But most prominently, the sleep has been getting to me. I passed out during the early evening almost every day last week. After starting on Saturday, I was in so much pain that I only ended up getting a few hours of sleep on Sunday. And then I guess I made up for that with an ungodly 12-hour sleep afterwards. The sleepiness has been affecting me at work as well. Granted, that isn't just my hormones as a lot of people on my team are prone to spacing out when there's absolutely nothing to do, but during these times, the temptation to sleep just gets even more powerful.

At least I tried to make up for being so godawfully late yesterday by working my butt off almost nonstop today. No one's been harping on about it (except for the acting manager who was just reminding me to consider the hours I missed yesterday as "sick leave" hours - hey, technically, that's true - when I fill in my timesheet on Friday).

I'm not sure why I didn't get punished or get a really hard dose of scolding, but my team overall is a pretty chillax bunch. Either way, I'm not sure if this means I'm in the clear yet once whoever-it-is evaluates my performance during my probation period (still don't know who does that or if they even do - I was hired under the non-competitive route for disabled people, so as long as I'm capable of doing my job, logically I should be fine...?). I talked about it to my therapist today, who did seem terribly worried about how this will affect my future, especially if this were to happen again. I'll do whatever I can to make sure it doesn't, but when I'm not even sure how I ended up missing work in the first place (I checked - my alarm clock was set correctly and everything... unless I subconsciously turned it off somehow when it started beeping), it's hard to promise something like that when I don't have the first clue of how to somehow jolt myself awake when I'm practically comatose from blood loss.

So I guess this period thing is a pretty legitimate threat to my job after all. Like I said before, I've tried every over-the-counter medication specifically made for menstrual issues and none of them really work. Only the heavy stuff that my mom needs for her herniated spinal disc seems to completely erase the pain and keep me emotionally even and focused. Problem is, I'm reliant my mom's supply of that and often I don't have that option available. The obvious answer is to get my own prescription, but since I have no major physical injury, it's not going to be easy getting something like that. However, my psychologist (who prescribes all my medications) who is very proud of me for finally getting a job after three years would possibly be inclined to prescribe me something along those lines just enough to last a couple of weeks (because PMS symptoms can be just as bad, if not worse than the actual bloody deal for me) every month to ensure that I will be covered every time my dreaded hormones threaten to screw me over. He'd definitely be inclined to do so once I see a gynecologist, though, so that really should be my first course of action... after figuring out where my insurance card is, considering I've been playing into my own insurance for a while now. I'd kinda like to use it at this point.

Sooo yeah, my past several days have been ruined because of this. If anyone's got suggestions, I'm listening. And I'll even commend you for being able to read through all of this without wanting to shoot yourself in the head from sheer and utter boredom.

Aside from that, I did set a small goal for myself to finish Trifecta 14 by this coming Sunday, which happens to be Father's Day. Huh. ♥ I'm still around 4000kish words but close to getting the Brandon scene done. Provided the Barry/Conway stuff doesn't get too dragged out (and who knows... it just might. It's a brand new duo I'm experimenting with!)... by the end of this week I ought to be over this godawful period and back into my writing mode. I haven't been able to make any progress at work since the last couple of days have been spent trying to catch up on crap since Friday, but hopefully tomorrow will be a little less brutal both on my body and my workload. Don't get me wrong; I really am enjoying my job. Dry, peeling skin on my fingers from going through so much paper is pretty unpleasant, but most of the procedures are pretty natural for a computer dork like me. There's just been a lot to do the past few times with little time to rest, relax, and focus on furthering the story, but hopefully that'll change by the later half of the week. I tend to write fics pretty fast contrary to how long the gaps are when I release the chapters; I would really at least like this one done before June ends, though.

Bulbagarden's forums are doing some Fanfiction Awards thingy somewhat similar to how Serebii's done it for years, though evidently it's "quarterly" (four times a year?) and no one seems to realize the redundancy of people nominating the same stories for the same category over and over again. I sort of agree with Serebii's method; once a story's nominated for a particular category, there's no need for a second post to nominate the exact same thing. It's already officially nominated; this isn't the voting segment, so there's no point to nominate something twice in the exact same category (other categories? Fine, but not the same one...).

Not to mention it sorta spoils the voting course anyway if so many people nominate the same thing for the same genre. Nominating =/= voting. That's even happened to Trifecta; it's been nominated twice for Best Serial Fic (which I know like hell it's not gonna win that... I'm surprised it's not considered a Journey fic since Paul (and now Conway) ARE traveling Sinnoh to collect badges to qualify for the League... it just happens to have a lot of thick plot and drama in the way as well). I'm a little disappointed that's all Trifecta's being nominated for so far, but meh. Can't have it all. At least I won Best Canon Character-Centric and tied for Best Expansion of Canon in Serebii's awards, where there were a lot more contenders to deal with. I can't in all good conscience complain too much since none of my other fics have ever gotten this kind of recognition in all the decade-plus years I've been writing fanfiction, but I hope next time Bulbagarden has a bit more of a coherent way of handling the nomination system.

It also amuses me how Zak, who was once a mod/admin at Total Drama Wiki and abused his power and was ultimately banned, started a huge load of shit by initiating something that required all of the higher-ups' votes... and shortly after, before ever submitting his votes, went off on vacation and insisted we all waited for him for like 2 weeks to come back before reaching a decision. And he's doing it again here in Bulbagarden.

Buuuut anyway, win or lose, I'll do whatever I can to get Trifecta 14 out and ready before June ends. After that, it's straight to writing down full transcripts of both A Pyramiding Rage! and Battle Pyramid! Shinji vs Jindai!!. While the dub for the most part stuck to the script very well, there was a line or two that was oddly translated and I want to incorporate the Japanese dialog along with the dub's adaptation. First thing that comes to mind is Reggie's line: "I learned one important thing... that I still have a lot to learn." compared to Reiji's line: "I was made aware... of my own immaturity."

The original line has a lot more depth to it whereas the dub one is sorta... ehh. Way too vague. Anyway, most changes aren't going to be that drastic, but they'll be handy references to have while I'm working on the chapter at my cubicle where I won't have the episodes on hand to go by scene-by-scene (unless I somehow get them into my iPod, and even then it's probably best I don't distract myself too much on the job). Still, it'll be a lot less irritating than going over Pursuing a Lofty Goal! over and over and over again. I'll look forward to it; the 15th chapter of Trifecta is going to be my pride and joy, and I definitely want it done by KP's birthday in mid-August, so I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I will as I do my boldest attempt in saving face where the anime dropped the ball on the oh-so-sensible theory.

I may also try to map out some chapters beyond 21 and edit others before officially starting 15. Since Barry doesn't ever get Crasher Wake's badge (as I recall, anyway), I may have Conway already earn that badge by the time I finally get to his scenes. That way they can both take on Fantina (where Barry will surely lose again, since it wasn't until his most recent anime appearance that he finally got himself a Relic Badge) and Conway can (mostly) conquer his phobia of ghosts. Not to mention I think it'd be pretty fun writing for Fantina. I certainly enjoyed writing for Candice! And lord knows I'll have a blast writing for Barry. Then there's Roark's badge, the Coal Badge, which Barry earned after his introductory episode, which is a good time for both him and Conway to formally meet Roark, who has the potential of becoming a secondary character if the opportunity shows itself. After all, he's the son of the original Badass Three (i.e. Brandon, Byron & Palmer). It's a battle that would surely be fun to write between him and Barry... and with Conway, you know those two will attempt to out-creep the other with the glare on the lenses of their glasses. I'm pretty sure I won't be writing all of the Twinleaf Festival arc (the end of which is about where I have my specific story plans capped off for now, so I gotta figure out what my main guys are gonna be up to while Ash & Co. meet Lyra and Khoury which segues to them beating Team Galactic).

It also occurred to me that Maylene won't outright disappear for several chapters after 13, as she'll basically be the go-to person for Pokemon exchanges on Paul's end while Reggie will be there with him. Still, that's a very limited role, but at least she won't completely vanish. Though she's easily the least-important character in Trifecta, sadly. Poor kid. Paul's going to be making a lot of exchanges, though; enough for Maylene to sorta go WTF? at him when he trades Torterra, Honchkrow, Gliscor, and Weavile for Hariyama, Magmar, Lairon (backstory opportunities!!), and Nidoking for the Brandon battle, then trading back Hariyama, Lairon, & Nidoking for Torterra, Honchkrow, & Weavile for the full battle with Ash, and finally after that's all said and done, he'll exchange Magmortar for Gliscor again so he can finally defeat Candice as he (and Conway) originally intended to.

... And after winning that battle, Paul will swap Gliscor for Magmortar so that the trip back down from northern Sinnoh won't be so goddamn cold. What an asshole, right? ♥

sooo yeah, lots of stuff to come. Nope, I'm not generous enough to give you LJ cuts tonight. Sorry! Wait for a day where I'm not bleeding several days without dying!
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In which I CONTRADICT my own morals~! Jun. 10th, 2010 @ 09:49 pm
It's never a good week with PMS in action and the bleeding to be oh-so imminent. I dunno, I always thought it's pretty therapeutic to complain about stuff in fandom because otherwise I'd be breaking shit in the house in real life due to my irrational rage. When people complain about other people complaining, I just. Wow. I can understand disagreeing, but it amazes me how narrow-minded a lot of people are sometimes.

But something earlier this week really made me LOL. And good lord why am I defending the purple-haired son of a bitch.Collapse )

I started Trifecta 14 yesterday. Almost 3500 words into it and I'm still in the Brandon scene. It's going to be hard to stretch it out for much longer, but it's gotten its point across: it's the informal introduction of Maria into the chapter, so there will be no need for meaningless set-ups for the adaptation for Trifecta 15 once it's ready to get started. Even though he's tricky at times, I've really missed writing for Brandon. My weird-ass hormones considered a horrifying plot twist for him, but I probably won't have the nads to go through with it once I snap out of my PMS trance. Still, it's getting close to the point where I'll have to decide whether to make Brandon's series of flashbacks part of the fic itself or to shove it off into a side-story of its own (basically meaning it would be its own fic, only just an extension of Trifecta and therefore totally reliant on its mother story). I wonder if I should run a poll and ask the readers what they think would be best. Might try it both here and FFN eventually.

Once the Brandon scene is done, it's straight to introducing Barry. Then Paul gets his small-ass role at the end that'll basically serve as that final scene in DP127. Since I'm doing a lot of fic progress done at work nowadays, I may actually have to write down a full transcript of DP128 since I won't have Youtube videos on hand in the office. I want to dedicate a lot of my energy and attention to Trifecta 15 and I also want to get it done by KP's birthday. Pretty sure I can pull that off. I've just been anxious to start this chapter for a looooong, long time now.

It seems that DP180 was a snoozefest as predicted; thanks a lot, Kenny. Turns out he won, but then again, he won with his starter that has resistances to pretty much everything Ash's Buizel can throw at it, so can it really be considered a meaningful victory? I am glad the ending was left open-ended so we know there's a good chance that Dawn isn't going to be doomed to a life of mediocrity, but now that Kenny's stolen the shtick I was hoping Conway would use against Ash in the League, I can't help but wonder what they'll do with that awesome nerdy creeper. Still, Dawn's on her way out regardless once DP ends in September.

The "Paul-like" rival I heard in the B/W spoiler blog thing does put me on edge since that pretty much seems to seal the deal that nobody from D/P will be continuing on to B/W, which is a shame because I still think there's mileage left in everybody on Ash's side of the rival field. Truth be told, I'm much more reluctant to say goodbye to Paul, Barry, and Conway than I am Dawn. And as I said before, the bar was set way high up in D/P, so it concerns me how B/W's going to top or at least be equal with whoever the hell they're putting in.

But, eh. Fic's that happy place I need to stay in to endure those soon-to-be growing pains. And RPing too, I guess.

I'm just feeling overall wacky today. Definitely the hormones in play right there. So try not to mind me, I guess. Iunno. I have this uncanny ability to rub people the wrong way even inadvertently.

Obviously that's why I sympathize with the lilac-haired jerk. Because I'm an assholish prick myself.
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