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IT MIGHT BE GOOD NEWS Jun. 7th, 2010 @ 05:41 pm
ugh lord that was a definite first day of full, pure torture at work that didn't end. Though it wasn't actually work. It was an all-day seminar discussing things I mostly already knew about (either that or it didn't apply to me) and it was a mandatory thing.

You know, I wouldn't have minded so much if it wasn't FUCKING ANTARCTICA in the room the entire time. For a few hours, it's pretty irritating. For the entire day, that's fucking abuse. And this is even after I rushed back to the office during the first break to grab my sweater. Then near the end they had to go take advantage of my hunger by serving FREE ICE CREAM and I was like... whyyyy. Because you know that just made it even more unbearably cold.

DP183 is officially starting the Sinnoh League, and thank god it's kicking off with Ash vs Nando, meaning of course that Nando's getting picked off early in this competition, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Nando already had a good run in the GF (for a "rival" that's appeared, what, twice in the series until now?) and his full team was already shown there and was quite bland and sucky for a League team, so there's really no reason to whore him out again. Especially when the other three are like millions of times worthier of developing in this arc.

So the majority of this League will have a perfect balance of Ash/Paul/Barry/Conway just as I wanted. ♥ It's only too bad July's the month where there's two breaks (non-consecutive, at least) because that'll make it so cripplingly suspenseful for whatever follows. Of course, I'm going to figure logically we'll end up with Paul/Barry and Ash/Conway. Conway, for all seven of his appearances (which, until the GF, was still more than any of Dawn's rivals except for Zoey and Jessie), has not even exchanged one word of dialog with Ash. It's all pretty much been Dawn and the occasional Brock, then Jessie, and then the rest of it is creepy stuff that might or might not be directed at everyone. So it'll be fun to see how this plays out.

Belatedly, the appearance of Jasmine and Flint is probably going to save DP180. The Kenny vs Ash premise is still retarded beyond belief and I don't care what the reason is, but Kenny's too fucking lame to actually be getting a proper sendoff. My god, the more the anime keeps trying to make it out like Kenny's important, the more it feels like a very bold lie. You know they're throwing Kenny a bone by making Ash even more retarded than he usually is by picking Buizel to go against Empoleon. Like holy shit, Ash. I know Buizel's knee-deep in jobber mode, but dear god could you pick a worse opponent for him? And that Ice Punch that had a whole episode dedicated to mastering it? Isn't going to do jack shit against Empoleon. Even if it's Kenny's lameass Empoleon, 4x resistance says a lot and it's really the only logical way Kenny's ass is going to even make this battle look like an equal struggle.

See? Storytelling goes out the goddamn window with that bland asshole around. Which is why I'm banking on the cameo'ing game characters to save it, much like Barry before them.

So soon I'll have to force myself up half an hour earlier than usual because I'll want to see these damn episodes live. I should start trying to get up for Sinnoh League Victors again, which... didn't necessarily have bad music, but it was way too slow-paced for the crack-fast nature of the Saikou Everyday! footage. But still ends out with the same lovely end shot that the Japanese version does, and that makes me happy. ♥

I feel a thing starting with P and ending with S with an M sandwiched in between is beginning to start. It's about that time and there's no other reason for me to be feeling mega-depressed all of a sudden even though nothing really warrants the feeling. Still, gonna try to get Chapter 14 started within the next day or so and get that out of the way as soon as I can.

... Why do I have bad allergies now, seriously. I blame that goddamn room I was in all day.
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Hungry Lumas are fat, gluttonous and shameless bastards May. 25th, 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Pokemon Friending Meme

why did I even bother I mean seriously I'm gonna miss all this cool stuff now because I'm working.

Wow, never jumped the gun that fast before! Welcome, sevetenks, deviceles, kneesocks and digivolution!

Hanging in there! Got grandma's cat for the week since she and my mom are vacationing in Florida. I also got Super Mario Galaxy 2, so if I seem like I'm not there, that's merely because I'm abandoning you all for a simply wonderful video game.

No hard feelings.

Probably should reply to some of the reviews I actually got, though. I'd like to start Trifecta 14 soon, but I think I deserve a little break right now, what with this AWESOME GAME and all. I have a feeling it'll be a short chapter anyway since it's just gonna... set up more for Trifecta 15, and then I get to watch A Pyramiding Rage! over and over again so I can get the script exactly right. At least it'll be less painful than having to watch Pursuing a Lofty Goal! over and over again.

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That was a'ight, but lemme lay somethin' fresh on ya. May. 20th, 2010 @ 12:55 am
❀ Everyone has dirty fandom secrets or guilty pleasures or unpopular opinions.
❀ List five of yours.
❀ Profit!

I have more of those than I know what to do with, so why not.

I'm full of unpopularity and opinions!Collapse )

Can't wait for the backlash on that.

Week of hell started; I feel miserable, but pain buffers of the highest caliber are making me not want to curl into a fetal position and die, at least.

Oh, and by the way? Conway to the Danger Zone! is finally done! Booyah.

And this week, I found this little gem of a fic that actually follows the theory my fic centers on. Brandon being Reggie and Paul's dad, that is. It's pretty old, actually, made in June of last year and I guess the author only just now put the character filters on it. And it's a Spanish fic. I'm rusty on my Spanish, but Google Translate does a very good job deciphering the story and I'm thinking about attempting to review it once I'm not suffering from endless bleeding.

Brings up a pretty interesting element I never thought of but I wish I had now: Reggie releasing Drapion right after it lost to Brandon in the flashback, which inadvertently spurred on Paul's habit of doing the same to his Pokemon after they fail to meet his standards. And of course, present-day Reggie regrets this action of his so so so very much. :') But it's a pretty good read once you translate it, so I totally recommend it.

Alrighty, just wanted to get that nonsense out of the way. I got paid on Saturday, too! $825, baby. Can't remember the last time I had that much money, but I am going to be enjoying me some Super Mario Galaxy 2 here in the near future. ♥

Now if only the weather would cooperate, I'd say things are totally looking up!
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POR QUEEEEEEE May. 16th, 2010 @ 01:18 am
So we'll get sprites that actually move in B/W. Cool!

So we'll get some cool new dimensions with the cities and stuff as well. Neato!

DP181: Buck finally appears, which officially gives every Gen IV partner NPC an episode. Good!

DP180: Ash vs Kenny.

... oh fuck you, anime. Fuck you in the ass with a Frenzy Plant root. I knew it was too good to be true to have him shipped out so early in the GF. We have to be punished and give Kenny another episode he doesn't deserve. Nope, don't care where the fuck he's going as long as it's not Isshu. Nope, don't care how this influences Dawn but I'll puke if there are Penguinshipping hints plastered over it because that pairing sucks.

Since when has a Kenny episode been even mildly entertaining? And no, the one with Barry doesn't count because that's Barry doing all the work in being interesting, not Kenny.

Nope. Don't need to wait and see; I know it'll suck right out of the gate. Hey, Kinoshita's animating it. There are already plenty of hints right there.

Yeah I'm PMSing big time, don't care. Gonna go /ragequit everything until I pass out or something.
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Because we all wanna know what Shin thinks of Gen V, right? May. 13th, 2010 @ 08:53 pm
When I saw the silhouettes, my first reactions were that the Fire-starter was like some kind of cross-breed of Spoink and Turtwig, the Grass-starter was basically Treecko only really gayed up and anorexic, and the Water-starter has serious identity issues.

Then they got revealed and... I end up being totally fucking right, whaddya know. XD That said, I like Fire-starter/Pokabu the best and for once I might be inclined to start out with a Fire-type. My preferences for the past four gens were: Squirtle-Totodile-Treecko-Turtwig. So I've really had a habit of neglecting Fire-types in my games. It might be a welcome change? Gen V girl's wearing short-shorts and her hair adds like half a foot to her overall height if you count it. But for the first Gen girl to actually wear a Pokemon cap just like the boys do (skull caps/bandannas/sun hats/winter hats/stupid hats never really did it for me), I have to say I dig her.

The boy, on the other hand, is Jaden Yuki who snuck into the Pokemon franchise. And his overworld sprite still looks smashed up, so hah. Yeah.

I'd be perfectly okay with the aging thing if it didn't make me further wonder/worry about the future of the anime beyond D/P. It's perfectly okay to age Ash; he can still be an oblivious dumbass! Besides that, logically, if these Leagues are yearly, then he'd have to be 14 by the end of Sinnoh and his voice is lower now anyway so why the hell not. Because if you're still telling me Ash is ten, then you're also telling me Paul is ten. In which case I would tell you to get the fuck out. Just. Out. Get out.

Been compleeeetely ignoring the GF. I've heard the timing issues and DEMs are running rampant anyway, so I have a feeling I'm not missing out on much. Just wake me up when Ash is going against Volkner next month. Though the idea of Dawn being complete and total dead weight for this entire summer until D/P ends in the fall is really kinda funny.

Work this week has been virtually nonexistent. At least this has very much helped Trifecta, which I've successfully been emailing to my accounts before I go to bed and before I leave work. Due to this, chapter 13 is now 30 pages in length (which is somewhere in the vicinity of 17,000 words, meaning it's pretty much as long as the other chapters have been lately). And I have a feeling it'll stand out a bit in size since I'm... maybe two quarters of the way through the main event and don't know how much I'll tl;dr about the best part?

Tell you what though, even though Conway's got the top billing in the chapter's name, it almost feels more like Maylene is the center focus of this chapter because she not only got to be significant in a Reggie scene that lasted longer than I thought it would, but she's also forced to put up with Conway's crazy shit and roped into his crazy scheme for this chapter, which is seriously about to make her snap. Reggie and Maylene are easily the hardest characters for me to write (we'll see if I still feel that way once I start writing significant roles for Brandon again from next chapter onward); no wonder this chapter's felt like a chore to get through. Paul's scene lasted only four of these thirty pages. That's like the least presence he's had in any chapter since chapter 4. Though I plan to give him another small scene by the end of this chapter in order to tie up a particular loose end, this chapter and the next will be pretty Paul-light.

But to be fair, Maylene's all but out of the picture once this chapter's done for a loooooong time coming, Conway will feature next chapter but then take a little hiatus himself after Trifecta 14, because A Pyramiding Rage! is chapter 15, and that plus the next two or three chapters after that one will be really really heavy on the Paul/Reggie/Brandon content. Not to mention lots of Ash. Moar Candice. And I get to try my hand at writing Zoey soon, oh dear.

I'd love to have this chapter done and out within the next few days at this rate. Fun how a lull at work plus limited internet access dramatically makes the fic get done faster. Before Conway takes some time off from the fic, he'll get to meet Barry in chapter 14, at least (aka the only thing outside of Brandon reuniting with Samuel that's preventing this chapter from being filler). A MAJOR EXPERIENCE TO LOOK FORWARD TO. Really, Maylene is showing to be far too normal and sane to deal with Conway long-term like Paul had. Barry's really anything but sane, and even though he and Conway won't get along either, it'll at least feel a lot less one-sided, because Conway's just bombarding Maylene with OMGWTF scene after scene and I'm starting to feel sorry for her, almost. XD

It is very very awkward writing a funeral scene, especially one that's going the way of Tom Sawyer, but soon enough it'll transition into Home Alone and then I'll be a happy camper and let Conway go have his crazy adventures while Paul continues to (not) have fun in his own way. Then the flow will be natural or something.

My god, May's half-over already. Total Drama World Tour is next month. So much new shit to look forward to and I'll have money next week, hooyeah.

... oh god, and in a couple of weeks I think Super Mario Galaxy 2 comes out.

My brain just peed itself with joy. Now off to inject myself with more caffeine~!
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Mooooom's Day~ May. 9th, 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Phew. I wanted to make an entry sooner, but I didn't want to before finishing the first doodles I've done since like, a year ago. And of course the scanner was being a douchebag all Saturday long. Seems fine now... probably needed the computer to reboot, but I swear it takes an eternity for my computer to boot up. Anyway, the job has been pretty sweet thus far, though as per usual, the IRS likes to take its sweet time getting anything accomplished, and that includes getting me into the system. So I haven't really been able to do any independent work aside from helping with the mail every day all this time.

I'm getting antsy, and hopefully things will be fully in gear for me tomorrow. Unfortunately, LJ's completely blocked from the servers, though it is kinda funny since I can access Yahoo's main page and even preview my Inbox, but can't actually access any of my messages. And while I can't get into Serebii, I have no problem at all getting onto Bulbapedia or the Bulbagarden forums. Needless to say they're strict about even changing these computers slightly, even just to freaking upgrade from Internet Explorer 6 so we can even use goddamn tabs, so no instant messaging and I'm beginning to wonder if having a flash drive to continue Trifecta 13 at work during my breaks is going to be kosher. I may just have to email it the old-fashioned way, provided it doesn't get blocked out of Outlook, though I can't imagine why it would.

If I can somehow secure a way to transfer the fic between computers, I should finally be able to make significant process on the chapter. Interestingly, I was able to access Fanfiction.net around the first day or so, but afterwards upon logging in they want me to prove I'm not a robot by logging in with some sort of bootleg recaptcha thing, only that's not at all present on my home computer when I sign into ff.net. So unless there's a way to circumvent that, I won't be able to directly post the new chapter anywhere but on Bulbagarden's forums until I can get all of that work home with me.

I really hope it's not as frustrating as I fear it will be. After all, it's an innocent document and I'm sure they'd prefer me to use my break time writing rather than drawing and coloring all over the place. Using their pencil sharpener over and over again. Ahah.

So yeah, late this week I got so bored that I was able to draw again, though again, it's nothing to write home about. Since I promised trainer_irene I'd put up at least one of the sketches I did and there's one in particular I wanted to post in time for Mother's Day, have a generous lj-cut of said stuff I drew over the week.

Prepare to be underwhelmed.Collapse )

Work seems like it's going to kick ass so far, though I worry how well I'll hold up when I'm having my monthly hell. I lucked out this time and the most recent one managed to end by the first day of work. So I've spent the last two weeks more or less feeling awesome, if not a little sleep-deprived.

But now I've been feeling like crap since Friday (though I don't feel nearly as bad now, I could be better), so I fear this is going to be a nasty couple of weeks. But yeah. I'll blab about more stuff later. I should probably be catching up some tags, eek.
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Let's kick it into Turbo! (Actually, I hated the Turbo series.) May. 2nd, 2010 @ 01:35 am
Hm, before I totally forget... riley_boi, if you ever plan on using that master_of_mon account for Pokefaggotry really really soon, let me and everyone else know because I'm quickly realizing that LJ among friends is easily the best place to talk about all things Pokefaggotry. I say this because so many members on Serebii are flat-out dimwits and several certain members on Bulbagarden are assholes of the highest degree to the point where they go out of their way to pick apart every single sentence of your post just to rant about how "wrong" it is.

When there are people who openly admit they would laugh their asses off at people who assume the wrong person will win certain competitions in the show just because we were wrong... yeah, I don't really feel comfortable with that. Superiority complexes over there are crazy. Though that's not to say I'll totally stop posting on the forums... I just like discussing Pokemon through here on more private communities/personal journals so much better.

One topic I've been thinking about making on Serebii's fanfic section (which is a big deal to me because I never make threads unless they're my introduction posts/fanfic posts/fanart posts) is about fictional towns and how authors go about making them. It seems simple but I think it'd be a fun thing to discuss with others to see how their though process works.

In Trifecta, like the anime, I make up shitloads of filler towns for Paul's journey to fill in the gaps for whatever the hell Ash is doing "off-screen". So far I've made Butterbridge Town (from Chapter 8), which most geeks on my list will recognize the reference in that name: it's the name of a couple of levels in Super Mario World. And I recall the Butter Bridge and Cheese Bridge areas to be absolute hell. So yeah, that was my first shot at a make-believe "anime-exclusive" Sinnoh location.

Next came Plumeria Town, which took up Chapters 9 & 10 for the Contest that took place. Plumeria happens to be one of my favorite candle scents. I'm not sure what it is exactly; definitely a floral kind of scent, but I've always loved it and thought that would be a cool name to use.

On the fly, when I was making up a town name for where Zoey would have won her fourth ribbon, I came up with Cirribus Town, which was a crappy attempt at me trying to combine the names of types of clouds... y'know, cirrus clouds and cumulus clouds. I'm not sure where the 'b' came in.

While I was watching Linkara's extensive reviews over the Power Rangers series this week, I decided yesterday that should I come to need another filler town for Trifecta that the name should most definitely be Angel Grove City. And to be even extra nerdy, even Stone Canyon City if needed.

But, I dunno. You guys think that would be a topic worth making on a forum? I always get nervous over that kind of shit. I guess it's mainly because I'm just so... not used to primary interaction over forums. But I'll totally go for it if I feel the need. Right now I should probably be watching Linkara's review of Zeo right now; didn't see that one pop up until now.

I'd be interested in the Interview Meme, but you guys know me. I'm too lazy to reply to your entries. Still, it's open season for me. If there's anything you want to ask me, I will answer with pure, blunt honesty. Because that's... how I roll.

I'm finally in the system at the IRS, so I can finally start using the computer and stuff. I'm still nervous about using the computer for anything other than work since, as I said, the government watches eeeeverything you do and it's probably the last place you'd want to be caught screwing around on the 'net... not that I do anything bad, but, you know. Definitely not worth losing the job over. I couldn't even check my email presently (I tried to see if I could link my yahoo address with my new IRS one, but somehow I don't think it really worked). Sucks because I would love to spam LJ entries during my break time, you know? I'm really sorta afraid to even ask at this point what's okay and what's not okay in relation to the internet. Yeeesh. It's tricky.

But...! One thing I've thought about doing is deciding on the first luxury item I'll buy for myself once I get paid: a flash drive. I would primarily use this to port over my work for Trifecta; then on my break periods (I get two 15-minute breaks plus a 30-minute lunch), I can access the progress I've made and since all that requires is Microsoft Word, I could guiltlessly make progress on my precious baby project. It would be great to be able to do that, and that wouldn't require a large space capacity for a flash drive at all. I know my work computer has USB ports, so I think it's feasible. So I bet they wouldn't be too expensive, and finally I can get Conway to the Danger Zone! out of the way since we're coming up on three months since I last updated with a chapter. Augh.

Still, I'm looking forward to pushing forth on this self-made journey of mine. One problem I had trouble with figuring out what who would be looking over Reggie's place while he's gone in Snowpoint and later Floaroma Town while Maylene will finally have to return to Veilstone Gym, limiting her availability greatly. So then it finally hit me, partially thanks to HGSS: utilize Maylene's parents. This is a family story, after all, and Maylene's inarguably the least-significant character in this story so far. We know from the games that her dad's an idiot gambler, so I'd look forward to some scenes where Maylene has to deal with his antics while her much more competent mother looks after Reggie's place. ... And of course, after doing that for so long, she'll tease her daughter about how Reggie would be the perfect husband for her. And really, considering Maylene's monstrous appetite in the games, Reggie really would be perfect for her since he would be more than happy to endlessly cook her delicious, nutritious meals every day. It's so squishy and cute that I'd almost just puke, hah. ♥

Also, I was happy to see recently that another French forum seems to be really into Trifecta. I suspect it's connected to the first one I found a while ago because the mods/admins seem quiiiite familiar with the Conway avatars... not that I'm complaining; I actually like this new find even better because they actually talk about it in detail. XD

These are dated May of last year, though... Google should've found these ages ago. Makes me wonder how in the hell does this function. WHO ELSE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS STORY THAT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT.

I also doodled for the first time in almost like a year, but it was just a crappy sketch of Paul and my depiction of Brandon as a kid around Paul's age. For comparison's sake. It's pretty bleh because it's been so long since I drew, but if anyone wants to see it, I'll certainly scan it next time~!

... I had dreams about Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo lately, which prompted me to check out how well its fan translation is going on MangaFox. Sadly they're just right around the point maybe a bundle of chapters or so before the anime got canceled in Japan for the dumbest reasons ever. I should make a note to keep an eye on it, though; Bobobo always makes me feel better with its pure essence of batshit insanity, and I'm really interested when they'll eventually translate Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo since that's where things got batshit crazy and serious. It's really a shame that it all got canned when it did.

Bawh. Gonna watch that Zeo review now!
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VAGINAS ON MOTORCYCLES Apr. 28th, 2010 @ 11:57 pm
Yep, I've been a little quiet for a while now, but I expected that as a result of the whole getting-adjusted-to-having-a-job-for-the-first-time-in-3-years thing, not to mention I've never had a full-time job before, so that in addition to the crappy feeling of not being able to stay up as late as I want (except for weekends) has had me very infrequently checking my personal LJ friends lists, so I apologize for that in advance. XD

I was considering getting up extra-early on Thursdays to catch the new Japanese Pokemon episodes (which air 6 AM my time this time of year). I've been getting up around 6:45 so far and that seems to be cutting it a little close to the wire (if only because my mom insists that I wear makeup even though the vast majority of my coworkers seem to very little, if any at all from what I've seen... and fucking makeup is time-consuming), so getting up earlier might not be a bad idea.

On the other hand... I value my sleep, and the next month of Japanese Pokemon is going to be Dawn's Grand Festival, which I honestly don't give a rat's ass for in the least (even with all of the build-up that's gone into it for the past 4 years). I mean yeah, I like how they were more realistic this time around by making Dawn lose a lot more than May ever did and Dawn's wins were infinitely less DEM than May's, but on the other hand... Dawn's storyline is so effing boring that I honestly can't find a time I've cared about any episode that featured her that didn't feature Conway or that one-off time where she got POed at Paul and inadvertently flashed her panties at him... or Ursula. But even without reading too deeply into the episode descriptions, the fact that it'll be Dawn/Zoey in the finals pretty much cements the fact that Ursula and Jessie will probably be knocked out of the competition as soon as this first episode. Which may be my only incentive to watch this first episode at all, really. So, hm. Dilemma.

Safe to say once Jessie/Ursula are out of the picture that I'll just enjoy my sleep for the next few weeks, so I may just try it this one time and then sleep off the rest of the crappy storyline. By then I should be into the groove of work and will be able to watch the new episodes that actually matter when I want to. It still irks me to no end that Dawn and Zoey, newb Coordinators, will be in the goddamn finals of all things, but what can ya do. I still don't buy anyone's argument that Dawn "deserves" to win the GF just because she lost a few more times than May did. Shit happens. I'd just find it incredibly odd for Dawn to win her very first GF when May lost two of them in spite of her incredibly BSed wins.

But, eh. If anything this is just a prime example of how the writers just completely gave up on trying to make this series' Contest arc decent. Which is what makes me really think there's a good chance they're going to be phased out in both the B/W games and the B/W anime. Unless they do make Gen III remakes, but I still don't believe that's actually going to happen. Yet. I'll welcome the change, personally. A different take on Contests with Dawn is acceptable, even if it was boring as sin, but three Coordinators? Nah, we don't need to sink that low.

For once, I think Ash does deserve to win the Sinnoh League, but of course there's no guarantee of that. I'm still worried Nando's going to be a damper on an otherwise great story arc to "make up" for the fact that he won't be winning the GF. Man, it would be better if Nando just never appeared after his first time and wouldn't be a factor in this at all. It's just such a perfect balance with Ash, Paul, Barry, and Conway. Pretty depressing when I think about how Nando sticks out like a sore thumb in that scenario and obviously doesn't belong there because no one gives a shit about him.

Anyway, work so far's been pretty neat. Some last-minute changes landed me into a different (and probably superior) department, so presently I haven't even been entered into the system yet (hence I can't access the computer or do any real work yet and I've been stuck learning by my coworkers' examples, which is convenient enough, I think). Still, I think I'll enjoy myself there. I've got my own cubicle, it's a peaceful atmosphere, I don't have to deal with the general public... and for $29k a year with benefits, it's the best someone without a Bachelor's Degree can ask for.

But yeah, any slow replies or RP tagging can be owed to the fact that I'm just trying to get used to my first full-time job. I'm glad PD's aging event has been given a lot of leeway since a lot of people are stuck with college finals this week; in a way I'm even fine with the bad timing of the HMD, because my paranoid ass will be hoping people forget about it by the time people get free time again though I have a feeling it'll just be brought up later on and then I'll get the hate-o-rade poured all over me as I expected I would be. Though I'm banking on this job putting my mind at ease with the whole "screw the critics, I have money" mindset in a worst-case scenario. Well, that and the fact that the people who actually matter are perfectly fine with my depictions. And said people are more often than not the only ones who research their shit before doing their critting.

Having a lot of downtime at work this week has helped me figure out how to write myself out of the hole I've put myself in as far as Trifecta 13 goes. It may not be done by the end of this month, but I'm really looking forward to resuming it soon. I'm even back on a doodling kick, which hasn't happened in, like... months.

Eh, I guess I could always just watch the new Japanese shit on Youtube by the time I get home from work anyway. It'll just be the League episodes where I start getting antsy; lord knows I don't want that awesome stuff hanging over my head when I'm supposed to be working, haha. I can afford to wait several hours for the GF since, like I said, I really don't give a shit about it. So that sounds like a good plan to me.

I think I had more in mind to write about, but Skype chat's got me distracted, so I guess I'll mess with that later~.
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I'm far too happy to lj-cut so get bent. ♥ Apr. 15th, 2010 @ 04:57 pm
And finally, after three grueling years...

... I have become employed again. ♥ IRS at last~!

Won't start until the 26th this month, so that gives me plenty of time to... completely flip around my sleeping schedule in order to do this. Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. My current sleep schedule is like the opposite of this, so... this is gonna be a fun adjustment. It's just like high school all over again.

So yeah, now my great abundance of free time will soon be over, but I'll make the best of it. Whenever I'm on a schedule, I tend to get things accomplished more quickly. So I'll probably be working on the fic more regularly whenever I can and not flake out on any RP tags. This is my first time having a full-time job, so I expect my first couple of weeks to be a living hell but it'll be okay because I'll be making $13.93 an hour and have insurance. Motherfucking yes.

Luckily, this job is an assortment of various clerk work, almost all of which I've done before at my very first job. If I could pull it off when I was 17, I'm sure I can still do it at 24. I've got the medication to become focused now, so that'll keep me afloat.

So... yeeee. It's not only amazing that I finally found myself a stable job that can become a career for me (so I can let the money pile on before deciding to kick things up a notch), but it's amazing that after all of these goddamn tries to get into the IRS, I finally succeed. I even told them that at the interview: "If I didn't really want to work here, I wouldn't have applied here so many times for all these years". I finally managed to really sell an interview; the people I spoke with weren't in charge of hiring me, but they outright said they were rooting for me to get chosen. And they even gave me a cookie on the way out. ♥ Looks like that all paid off handsomely.

Thankfully, where I'll be working is close by where I live and it's very simple to reach, so I won't have to wake up too early to prepare (though I'll be waking up early anyway on Thursday mornings to catch the Japanese Pokemon episodes). I just have to... do a good job and things'll be peachy. I'm not going to like having to go to bed around midnightish-1 AM at the latest, especially when everyone's about done with college this semester, but it's a relatively small price to pay.

Still hasn't really sunk in at this point. I might go batshit crazy later.

Before that miracle occurred, I've been suffering an irritating sort of pain. Not that monthly pain, but one spout of acne produced a zit right at the corner of my lip. It would tear open every time I opened my mouth and oh lord it was bad. It took forever, but I think it's finally gone now. What happened because of the zit is that, due to the pain irritation, I've given myself a giant blister right inside my cheek (or, well, lower jaw area, really; it was directly opposite from the zit). It's in a particular position that either my teeth or my tongue will almost constantly touch it unless I make the effort not to, and that blister is really freaking sensitive. Its pain has since spread throughout my gums and now it's agitating my teeth.

I checked yesterday, and the blister does seem to be shrinking. It's not hurting as badly today, so my guess is that it's finally healing now that the zit's gone. Mouth is still hurting overall, so I've resorted to the numbing gel all week. Which... makes me drool. It hurts to eat, so I've done very little of that this week even though I have an abundance of choices. I'm hoping I'll be over this by the next couple of weeks, because this pain is fucking distracting.

I made a new banner for Trifecta for use on the forums. Got tired of the old one... and I had it for like a year anyway, so I made something new. Hopefully it's an improvement. Helped having those generous scans from trainer_irene!

And so, a new chapter finally begins in my dumb life! ... Too bad this'll make raising a kitten difficult if both my mom and I are at work, but I guess we'll work it in somehow.

Also I swear I think I contracted Pokerus again. While I was breeding Shroomish, out of nowhere one of them and the Slugma I carried with me contracted the virus. I never once touched that Slugma when I initially captured it and I'm pretty sure it didn't have Pokerus when I finally dragged it out of the PC. One of the Breloom I had breeding had Pokerus, but was already in smiley-face status by then. It took a good one and a half boxed before I finally got the nature of Shroomish I wanted with Spore already bred into it, and only some eggs were contracting the virus so I took the time to infect the right Shroomish before even starting to level her up. Adamant nature, highly curious...

Presently at level 38, her attack stat is 141 while the rest is 71/59/63/68 (Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed). HP is 101. All that plus a Power Bracer is making my girl Breloom an absolute monster. Probably should have invested more in speed, though. My Brelooms in this game are more fragile than Weavile for some reason.

Still, I find it fucking hilarious that I must have contracted Pokerus independently again. What the hell. Oh well, let's see if I can level up the rest of the team and try to beat Red before I have to go to work. Most everybody's in the 70s at this point, so it won't be much longer. Especially with spamming Gym Leader rematches.

Aaaand finally, it looks like the anime's GF is only going to be four episodes. They pretty much spoiled it with the most recent title, clearly stating Dawn and Zoey in the finals... which... I find highly unrealistic. I mean sure, it may seem like BS that May lost to one-hit wonders like Robert and Solidad, but at least those two were confirmed to be much more experienced Coordinators which would make sense that they would beat the relatively newbie May.

Pretty much all of Dawn's rivals except Jessie are in their first year of Coordinating. Zoey's just fortunate enough to be one step ahead of Dawn. Still, you'd think the GF wouldn't solely come down to a bunch of first-timers in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals, right? And this makes me worry that Nando's going to sneak in and win the League now, which is a much more valuable storyline than the stupid fucking Grand Festival where the best characters are doomed to be shot down early, making the climax of this storyline boring as all get-out and really, really fucking unrealistic. Either way, Dawn's days are numbered regardless if she wins or loses the GF. They definitely confirmed that DP's ending by this fall and a new series will pick up where DP leaves off.

Really, much as I'm excited for Generation V, as far as the anime's concerned I'm a little worried. Despite the number of stinkers, DP produced a great number of recurring minor characters and rivals, all of which face being wiped out and never being seen again once DP ends. And me, ever the opposite of optimistic, greatly doubt the new series is going to be able to top guys like Barry, Paul, and Conway. oh god especially Conway. I guess it's reasonable in a way, given that Drew and Harley's "replacements" for the Contest storyline where so goddamn dull and uninteresting in comparison. It's perfectly understandable to think that possibly whoever might replace Ash's rivals in the new story will never measure up to the bar that DP set. Paul's future as a rival is dark and unpredictable whether he stays or goes; no doubt his asshole attitude will be toned down once he inevitably loses to Ash, but there are other ways to flesh out his character without making him stale. And really, unless the anime thinks to ship him off to Orre or Almia or whatever, Paul's been to all of the same regions as Ash already, so logically he should be following him to the new region.

Eh, who knows. I gotta pay close attention to this stuff for the fic's sake. It's just a tad nervewracking, admittedly. That's how ongoing canon is!
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... Apr. 11th, 2010 @ 04:44 pm
I'm like 100% certain the anonmeme talks about me like a dog yet again, and that's old news. So let's get into a more interesting topic today:

So I get up and check my email and get notified that my userpage (talk page, specifically) has been edited on Total Drama Wiki. I haven't touched that place in ages and figured this was someone else wondering when I'd come back. But nope. Right up on the very top of the very very long talk page, I get this:

Stolen Art~!

I'd hate to bug you, but that nice little picture you have on your main page was stolen from me. You used my base without my permission for your character and I have to ask you to take it down. Thanks. Also, if you don't, I can persue legal action. I have rights as the original artist.

... pffffffffffffffffffffAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Oh my god. The lengths people will go to be assholes, ahaahaha.

I recall using some base, but that was well over a year ago and I certainly don't remember any artist demanding credit for the base (a lot of the ones available back then were for free use).

Now, if it was just a simple plea for credit, I'd comply with that. But the fact that she threw in that she can "persue" (lololol I love how these kids try to sound threatening before learning how to spell right) legal action and sue me for fanart-... wait, correct that: a fanart base specifically made for others to use, before I even have a chance to reply to her? Ohhhh-hohhh my god that is fucking hilarious. Checking her own contribution history, my page is the last time in two months she's even touched TDW, so she's specifically singled me out when several people have used this base after I did.

Funniest thing of all? Apparently I don't get a say even though she threatened me because she went directly into my userpage and took off my image all by herself.

It's probably not even worth my time getting into it with this egomaniac, but it would be a nice distraction. I can always go into the IRC chat and implicate her there since everyone else on TDW respects my work, because clearly this chick does not know who she is fucking with here.

... yeah, that's a fun way to start the day.

EDIT: A more in-depth investigation shows that I indeed used the base back when it was explicitly said to be "free for use" and I even directly linked others to the location of the base to prove I was the one who didn't make the base. Therefore I was not taking credit for the base at all and giving credit where it was due. The link now shows that the artist changed her mind and doesn't want anyone using her base. I'm not sure what planet she's from, but the only ass being made out here is herself for having fanartist's remorse. Sheesh.
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Do I smell controversy all up in this? Apr. 9th, 2010 @ 03:01 am
Pokemon Black & White versions, huh?



Is it bad that my very first thought was "Is the US version going to change this to Pokemon Ebony & Ivory for politically correct reasons?"...?


I also... found my Pokewalker while cleaning the house yesterday. GHHHHH and I already have a replacement ordered and coming in any day now. Hahaha, I somehow knew that was going to happen.
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PKRS, MOTHERFUCKERS. Apr. 2nd, 2010 @ 11:48 am
... ahahahahaaaaaa.

Somewhere in Mt. Silver, my entire team (HM slaves included, sadly) got the Pokeaids. OKAY WHAT. First I get all this rare shit and now my team gets the disease a player only has a 3/65,536 chance of getting naturally? I mean I only got Pokerus in Diamond the way everyone else got it: via the GTS. Getting it on my own is like some kind of sign or something. Too bad this hasn't come earlier, as my Shroomish is just a few levels away from learning Spore (therefore just a few more times I have to smash the B button so it won't become Breloom), but at least it can make the best of that Macho Brace I slapped on it. ♥

I think the next order of business is obvious: I need to come across some kind of shiny next. Let's see how long that takes.

Jasmine called me yesterday and asked me if she sounded healthy right off the bat. Then made fun of the way Baoba sounded. Wow, Jasmine, you're sort of an insensitive bitch, aren't you?

I thoroughly expect something fucked up from Sabrina now that I've got her number. That just leaves Erika, Lt. Surge, and Blue left as far as numbers go. I'll get Erika tomorrow. Lt. Surge is just a matter of getting Zapdos (and considering my track record with roaming legendaries so far, this just may take forever) and Blue is a matter of remembering enough times to get Daisy massages. I can't believe there's only a 1-hour window a day for those.

I may just revisit the Battle Frontier after all since finding out that it takes much less torture to get a Toxic Orb, which I'll be getting for Shroomish after it learns Spore. Glad that I got a Poison Heal version one of those right off the bat. Still can't believe what a sausage-fest it is on my own team, though. It managed to somehow perfectly be even in Diamond, but there's absolutely none of that in SS. That game clearly does not want me having a woman on my team aside from myself.

Gonna spend today actually addressing the random trainers who call me since they raise exp much faster than the wild encounters do and I'm sick of having a Shroomish at level 42. What the fuck kind of sick-ass joke is it to force your Pokemon not to evolve for so many levels just to get the most useful move it has? It's almost as cruel as raising those goddamn Dragonites/Tyranitars that I will throughly loathe getting all over again once it's time for me to focus on the Dex. Even without trying that hard, I'm 123/393 so far on it. Though I did just get all of the Hoenn/Sinnoh Sound Pokemon this week.

Oh yeah, forgot to bring it up last post, but Trifecta technically won a couple of the things it was nominated for on Serebii! I say technically because I had no competition for Best Canon Character-centric and I tied for Best Expansion of Canon. Didn't win Best Human Supporting Character, sadly. That was the only one I sorta figured I'd win, funnily enough. For best canon expansion, though, I was set up against like six other stories, so even if it was a tie, it was still a tie for first and something that still makes me feel pretty awesome about myself. Safe to assume this is why the story got so many hits last month even though I never updated, though. On FFN it got almost approximately 400 hits, which is roughly 100 more it tends to get on months where I don't update. I ended up picking a solid reader or two from Saudi Arabia this month, randomly enough. Got a huge variety of countries this month in particular, actually.

Sigh. Guess it will be a 2-month gap between chapters once again. Didn't want it to happen this time, but I also didn't want 2 goddamn periods this month, either. Not to mention 2 major interviews. And SoulSilver. The latter's the best excuse.

It's been almost solidly a 2-month waiting period between chapters ever since I came back from the self-imposed hiatus, which started around this point last year. So I've been updating on all the even-numbered months since June, hurr.

And last night, I realized that this coming Tuesday will feature the new TDA special (called "Celebrity Manhunt", I think?) that will assumedly tie in with Total Drama World Tour. Since we're getting the special this late, I wonder if this means we're not getting the third season this summer. Still, this is a fun thing to get worked up over, especially since there won't be any new Japanese Pokemon next week. I probably should actually check the official blog, but that thing loads so damn slowly. I should check Total Drama Wiki, but that'll make me start feeling guilty about not doing anything there. Still, it looks fun. Noah's seemed to realize he has a bigger fanbase than he deserves (and I'm a guilty party in saying this!) because he looks all superstar-like with his snazzy sunglasses. I'm gonna look forward to seeing how they expand his character in the new season. Hopefully they just keep him as a "too cool for relationships" kind of guy since I really can't see him as anything other than gay. Therefore I'll get annoyed if he starts getting canonly shipped with a girl, though I think all the girls who'll be continuing to TDWT are ones who'll already be in relationships aside from Sierra (who seems to be destined for Cody if the trailers mean anything, augh). And possibly Bridgette. Geoff's conspicuous absence is strange, and seeing her giggle over Alejandro (pfffff god it's going to be difficult discussing that character without thinking about 47nite) with Lindsay (who I suspect is going to be BFFs with her since Beth is absent and they seem to be together a lot during the trailer) seems to say there will be changes in her future, especially since she got booted so early on in TDA. I guess Gwen technically counts since they never said she hooked back up with Trent (even though everyone assumed it; I was hoping she'd move on to someone different), but she's far too sane to put up with Noah being a wiseass. I still personally think she should look into DJ.

As usual, anything related to Total Drama will make me type in huge, blocky paragraphs. Yee.

Guess that's it. Oh yeah, Baby's going back to grandma's this weekend; it's gotten so warm lately and Baby is obviously twitterpated with the outdoors, she's driving all of us nuts consequently, so it's time to let her be an outdoor cat again. Gonna have to start looking into the kittens now~ thankfully, some are trickling in at this point. That'll be a big distraction, too. But a good one. ♥
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So a lot of shit happened in the future today Apr. 1st, 2010 @ 07:27 am
So, missing Pokewalker aside (yeah I gotta get that replaced soon because as of today Yellow Forest is available for the rest of the month~), I think that my game really kinda almost likes me, unlike kyosukekusaragi's. The very first Pikachu I encountered? Had a friggin' Light Ball. HAH.

Also, my interview? Went really well. The people who interviewed me don't necessarily have a say in who gets hired, but they said based on my experience that they'd definitely put me in if they had the authority. I don't usually get that kind of blunt honesty from the interviews, so I'm praying that this time I may actually have a job soon. XD


Bertha episode needed moar Bertha. For all the time they spent on that stupid kid and his Magby, that could have been used to throw in an Agatha reference. God. Absolutely no form of canon will take advantage of this? Will I have to concoct some cockamamie fanfic for this theoretical familial relationship, too?

I am pleased that she drives batshit crazy as I expected, right out of South Park's Gray Dawn episode. And goddamn is Ash's Torterra mobile. Paul's like, hardly ever moves. Ash's is all over the fuckin' place like a mofo thanks to Rock Climb. It's sort of hilarious knowing how painful that battle had to be when something 700 pounds is falling like 30 feet from the ground.

Togekiss is depicted a lot bigger in the anime than I thought. Episode layout was pretty predictable before the commercial break to me (well, not so much who'd win and who'd lose as how Togekiss would eventually be Dawn's and what would happen to that ribbon so that it'd end up with Jessie anyway). The princess being highly uncomfortable in Dawn's miniskirt was a very worthwhile scene, though. ♥

And it looks like, uh, they really are rushing to the GF saga! Apparently that kicks off the 29th this month, whereas I believe they simply said Ash's League saga would kick off in July. That... is a huge-ass gap between the two story climaxes; WTF is Dawn going to be doing, really. I really hope the GF isn't more than 5 episodes long, and that would really only cover one month at most. I still bank on Jessie and Ursula even making the GF watchable because I've long since given up on giving a rat's ass about Dawn's part of the journey. As expected, Zoey will end up with Mismagius and Gallade. Less unexpectedly, Ursula's getting a Flareon. And Nando's here and if they're honestly going to have that useless-ass motherfucker win one of these things, let it be the GF. The story sucks over there so no one will care if the GF win goes to him. If he wins the League, I would be pissed. I hope he loses early over there. The Ash/Paul/Barry/Conway is balanced perfectly as it is. We don't need his boring ass mucking it up.

Volkner battle is forthcoming, too! They're using his Platinum team...? After everyone else was almost strictly relegated to their D/P teams?

I guess Volkner's rebellious phase was too much for even the anime's liking. Or maybe they though it would be too weird having an Ambipom show up when it's been only like a year since Dawn released hers and they felt like they'd have to bring up awkward and misplaced continuity? Not that that stopped Bertha from whipping out a Gliscor, though that was pretty brief. Badass, but brief.

Anyway, it looks like Infernape might have not fully controlled Blaze after all because those familiar, rape-tastic rabies-red eyes are coming back for the Gym Battle. And generally I don't think that's ever supposed to be a good thing. GOOD, let Ash fret that he fucked up with Infernape somehow. Let Paul poison his mind a little more before he inevitably loses. HAHAHA.

Why am I still awake goddammit. Curse the second wind...!
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OH GOD WHERE DID IT GO Mar. 29th, 2010 @ 03:10 pm



... I sure am glad I got my event Jirachi out of there before I lost it but GODDAMMIT WHYYYYYY.

... and my time of the month happened again EVEN THOUGH I JUST GOT THROUGH THAT LESS THAN TWO WEEKS AGO WHYYYYYYY.

Right before my interview tomorrow WHYYYYYYY.

G-goddammit. Why.

... I, uh, do have all 16 badges now! I'm giving my core team (currently Feraligatr/Ampharos/Togekiss/Marowak/Weavile) all of the decent battling moves with every Heart Scale I find (sob, it's sad to think they were so goddamn easy to find in Diamond), consequently getting rid of all the HM moves and shifting them to my shit captures. Out of spite, I made my shiny Gyarados one of my HM slaves. So now he's in charge of Surf, Whirlpool, Waterfall, and something else. Sandslash gets Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Strength, and Cut. A level 6 Pidgey has Fly.

But I think some other shit capture is going to get it now. Pidgey can't learn Headbutt, which is something I need in order to find my last core battler: Shroomish. ♥ Yeah, it's been weird having a team consisting of neither of my favorite types (Grass and Psychic, though Togekiss has sort of been my makeshift Psychic-type since the move it used 99% of the time before learning Aura Sphere was Extrasensory/Psychic). And since Shroomish learns Spore (I think it's one of the few, maybe the only non-shitty Pokemon that learns it), I can use it to put all of those Legendary roaming motherfuckers to sleep and probably have a much easier time catching them. Lugia aside, I haven't presently caught any of them. Since Ampharos has foregone Thunder Wave in favor of Power Gem, I don't have any non-damaging status moves on my team. So Shroomish will serve a purpose other than the fact that there aren't many Grass-type Gen I/II Pokemon that I like that are of any use in battle. Teehee.

Speaking of, I did a LOT of Headbutting in Viridian Forest (where Shroomish are found) and haven't gotten a single reaction out of any tree. Granted, I think I did that at night. Anyone know which tree I've got to hit and when?

Slowly but surely getting the Gym Leader phone numbers. Just got Brock and Jasmine today. Wanted to get Clair this morning since I tend to stay up until 6/7 AM, but the period made me pass out at 2 AM instead. ._. And just a few minutes ago I got a call from Morty where he called me one of those genius trainers since he's been crushing everyone else so far, hohoho. I love their retarded calls, though that one doesn't top the one where he complains about Eusine fagging over Suicune. Chuck called me yesterday and the machine controlling the waterfall apparently collapsed, so he freaked the fuck out. Then I realized...

Chuck must have some special waterproof cell phone because I can totally imagine him making calls while he's under that waterfall. I bet he has his meals delivered to him so he can eat under the waterfall, too. That man never leaves his gym.

I'm surprised to not have gotten a call from Whitney yet (and no, not just for even more awkwardness of "Hi Whitney! This is Whitney!"); she seems like the type who'd gab on her phone all day long.

I wonder why I'm imagining these scenarios of these Gym Leaders being irresponsible and using their phone all the time to bug you. Because now that line of thought is extending to the Hoenn and Sinnoh Gym Leaders. Who wants to take a potshot at that?

I.. I'll just go back to playing now. ._. I feel too awful inside to put more effort into writing (hence I haven't touched the fic in a while, sob).

M-my poor Pokewalker...
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Bring me... THE FORK OF POWER!! Mar. 25th, 2010 @ 07:48 pm
Ahh, spring. Go fuck yourself. Even if you're not officially starting until Saturday. Still, a low of 29 tonight when you've been giving us decent weather these past few weeks? Dick move, man.

Finally earned myself a Razor Claw, so I expect to have my Weavile tonight. Having that, I also finally traveled to Kanto and expect to spend the night exploring the shit out of that before facing any Gym Leaders. All of my main party members (including the Marowak that was traded over by relares) are either level 50 or 51, so things are looking mighty fine as it stands.

I actually did get called by Gym Leaders Morty and Chuck the other day ago. Morty asked me what my favorite legendary beast was and said he frankly didn't care for Suicune since Eusine's such a fag for it. Then deliberated over Entei and Raikou before hanging up. Nutjob. ♥;

Chuck confided in me with his secret: he loooooves sweets. But knows that he will get fat if he eats too many, so he hides them from his wife or something since she complains about his chubbiness. lol.

Can't wait to get more ridiculous calls like that once I register the others!

It seems I have another IRS interview next week! I was worried all to hell about how my last one went since it took so long for them to respond. I... didn't expect there to be another interview, but what the heck, I'm game. At least it'll be on Tuesday at 12:30 this time, rather than the crack of dawn on a day my mother has to work. I pray this will be less nerve-wracking and this time I definitely have to remember bringing copies of my letters of recommendation. Gggghh, I pray this is finally the moment my life turns around for the better.

Looking forward to getting lots of RPing in. TLH ought to at least help get my prose on, because I've been trying to write Trifecta 13 but I've been struggling just to get the words out of my head and on digital paper. I often get into ruts like those. I've already planned out everything that will happen in the chapter, so it's just a matter of... getting the writing mojo flowing, and RP often helps out with that. I really ought to post with Tiny!Paul again. Both purple-haired twits will be having a birthday next month, which I look forward to. I'm also looking forward to the alleged aging event in pokedressing, whenever that's going to happen. I've totally prepared ahead of time for battlestandby's aging up. Check it:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7

Not feeling merciful today, as you can see. So no LJ cut for you guys!

Editing Brandon pictures to make Paul is... predictably, ridiculously easy. That poor bastard; no wonder he has no pride in his appearance. He knows genetics has royally screwed him.

It also appears that CN finally has gotten its shit together and is airing Galactic Battles in their proper aspect ratio, so it was nice being able to see the full battle episodes in their proper format this week. It's been consistent so far (plus I've noticed Ben 10: Alien Force is getting aired that way whereas it too was 3:4), so I pray this time it stays that way for good. I'd like it if their TDI/TDA reruns were given the same treatment, but I see that 6teen and Stoked! are still cropped (and these are made by the same people who created the Total Drama series). Guess one can only hope that the new episodes and Total Drama World Tour (whenever that airs... given the trend with TDI/TDA's Cartoon Network premieres, I'd like to hope in June) will be shown in 16:9 like they're supposed to.

I have no idea why I'm so nitpicky over this, especially since I still have an analog TV. I'd like a fancy HD-capable widescreen one, though. My current TV's alright, but its bulky size and massive weight makes it hard to move around anywhere. Makes for a nice living room TV (though my mom and I almost never use the living room), so maybe one day when I have money~... But I suppose my anal retentiveness stems from when I was one of the most notable screencappers for Total Drama Wiki, and not only did I go out of my way to eliminate the network logos on the pictures (whether it was Teletoon or CN), I made sure I got the best quality... and honestly, the widescreen format of the pictures currently on the wiki looks leagues better than the ones that are cropped. At least CN had a decent-quality player in which to take shots from for certain TDI episodes, but ever since they changed their player to widescreen everything, even if it was cropped, hence those pictures look like utter hell and have no place being on a wiki. Yet they're still there.

I think only a few of us there actually got our screencaps from torrents of the Canadian versions of the episodes, truth be told. Mgah. I really should go back there someday. I was quite popular over there and did a lot of work to make the wiki look clean and semi-professional. I just gotta get pumped up for that kind of thing so I don't ADD out of it like I did the last few times.

And, um. It really is funny how many anons track me down these days. Their motives; what could possibly be their motives?! ♥ battlestandby seems to have this problem as well, but since he's taking over my mind, this somehow doesn't surprise me. And the end of the month is nigh. Makes me rather anxious about Serebii's fanfic awards. I've never been nominated, much less won any sort of official recognition about my stories until now. Reviews are still few and far in between, but I get some real gems (in a good way) every now and then, and that's drastically become more common since I started writing Trifecta. I'm just glad I've got a patient readership whom seem not to mind this trend of one chapter every 2 months. Once the weather starts getting kickass, I'm going to do my best to kick it into overdrive. I want more of the fic just as much as the people who read it. That's... not necessarily conceited of me; it's more like the fact that... as far as I know, Trifecta is the only fanfic (in English, anyway) around that specifically focuses on Paul and centers around the theory that Brandon is his father as well as Reggie's. It's something that's piqued my interest for years now, so of course I want to gather whatever I can on the subject. Discussions, pictures... and the most elusive of all, stories. XD

So yeah. As an author, I guess that's a good sign. Oh, I also got wind of Nintendo's official successor to the DS: Nintendo 3DS. ... lol. Apparently having the ability to do genuine 3D stuff without the player needing to wear stupid 3D glasses and shit. Oh u, Nintendo. ♥ Pulling off things that almost seem impossible, right? Backwards capability should be mandatory at this point for new consoles, so thank gawd this is planned to have it as well.

Needless to say I'm getting it. Strange, back when I worked at GameStop, coulda sworn that Nintendo was saying that the DS would have a lifespan of a decade, just like the original Gameboy. Aaaaand... well, granted the 3DS is almost assuredly coming in the 3rd quarter this year, that means the DS has been reigning for... 6 years? Not bad, but I'm sure it'll take an ass-long time for the DS to get phased out. I think that's why the Gameboy lasted a decade in the first place.

Huzzah to that~. Done with the rambling, non-cutted drivel that Shin has bestowed upon you. Have a nice day! ♥
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